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Good ol' Gears o' War 1.

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Well, eating a bowl of fried rice with chopsticks(!) whilst playing a game (either with a gamepad or mouse) is quite challenging, i can tell you.
I like to eat while watching/reading reviews, articles etc. though.
I once borrowed the thermoelectric cool box from my parents and filled it with some cans of my favorite sodas, sandwiches, some fruit (watermelon, apple, already sectioned) in plastic containers and placed the box next to my PC rig because i wanted to play WoW all evening/night long without a break. (This must 've been in the summer of 2006)
As you can see, reasonably healthy food.(except for the sugar-laden sodas)

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Metroid: (M)other...?

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People, help me with this one.
I am damn sure it's easy to put up a YouTube clip here... but please tell me how.

A NitWit.

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'Teabagging little sisters'...?
I surely wasn't thinking of anything remotely related to that... but what the heart thinks, the mouth speaks, i guess.

Was signed,
The moral knight.

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The first game(s) i played on that system were the demos that came along with the Demo Disc 1, of course.
Remember the Manta Ray/T-Rex Tech Demos, anyone...?
But since the PS1 alone was a costly purchase for me back then, i never really bought games for it.
Luckily, we had a video rental in the neighbourhood, so on occasion i rented a few of  them.

Oh, the question was which game you played first (and not own) on the PS1...

It's quite an obligatory title but, yeah, it was Tombraider. 

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Maybe Cliff Bleszinski will elaborate a little more on his alleged survival/horror game...?
I know it's still a rumor but that would be really cool.
I'm dying for a good game in this particular genre, since Silent Hill: Homecoming and Alone in the Dark didn't really cut it for me.
Yes, Dead Space was excellent, but had a Sci-Fi setting, and i like it to be more earthly with a touch of the paranormal.
Oh well, we'll see.