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I'd have no trouble with meeting Giant Bombers for real. But I warn you, I'm a very uninteresting individual. You'll get bored of me real quick.

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I've been born and raised a JW. There's your immediate answer to whether I'm insane or not. All forms of religion are a sort of spirituality. Anything that makes you feel good is a form of spirituality. Including visiting your family and friends. Eating, drinking (not neccesarily alcoholic drinks), having a conversation, watching a movie, listening to a podcast, giving/feeding food to needy people, strive/further science, etc.

These are the simple writings of a simple person. Live into each moment. In this life. As of yet, there isn't anything else.

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Although an unpleasant thought, I'd rather have that little semi-cute critter in my ear than a bunch of maggots. That'd make me writhe in disgust!

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I'm not a very hairy person to begin with, so no. However, I do trim my armpits and the periphery of my vitals.

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Please, let it be early! Then I can still listen to it (partially) before going to bed.

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@Harkat said:

A black hole or similar space-danger destroying the earth, erasing all of humanity in a second.

So... What's there to be worried about? One second and it's over. I wish I have that option when my time comes.

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@Cincaid said:


You heard me! Nothing terrifies me more than the thought of swimming in the ocean, only to suddenly see this freaking huge shadow underneath me. I have nightmares about it sometimes. :(

Really? Unless it's an orca, they're perfectly harmless!

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The prospect of death. Not so much death itself, but the physical and mental agony that accompanies the process of dying.

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Six to seven hours a night, approx.

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Always. No exceptions. After I've visited a toilet (either pee or poo)? Wash hands. Before food preparations? Wash hands. Before sitting to the dinner table? Wash hands. When I come home after a days work? Wash hands. Sure, you have to be careful not to tip over towards Mysophobia. Then you need help.