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Come on... Come on! I want Painkiller 2!

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Oh please, People Can Fly! Make Painkiller 2!

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I was once approached by a young guy with moped. He had no more fuel nor the money to get to his destination. He made a sincere embarrassed impression when asking me for a few Euros, so I gave him four Euros (enough for a halffull tank). He thanked me cordially and indeed went off to the nearest gasstation. Maybe to buy himself a Snickers or a soft drink. Oh well, I guess my karma is good.

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Nah, I'm fine with my spectacles.

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The seringe has been cleansed and sharpened. Ready to administer me a hefty dose of Giant BombCast. Now, gimme my damn dope!

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I truly hope Kara turns out to be more than just a tech demo.

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Yep, I'm completely paralyzed for a few seconds when I see one. Luckily, in the Netherlands there aren't too many spiders that grow to a big size, and they're all perfectly harmless to humans. Only one species is known to deliver a painful bite, which is the Waterspin (diving bell spider), but - as the name implies - these are only to be found in wetlands.

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The Fatal Eggs by Mikhail Bulgakov. Almost finished it.

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I got to work tommorow. Can't wait much longer. Must go to sleep. Nighty Night.

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Hasn't the world globalized and all nations (including their food, culture, language, etc.) intertwined with one another? Many supermarkets in my country (The Netherlands) have many sections that cover practically all facets of international cuisines imaginable. Okay, natto isn't readily available, since that is a bit too exotic for the average Dutch set of tastebuds. : ) But we got small Asian convenient stores for the 'gourmets'. I really must try natto once. But of what I read/saw about it, makes me a little apprehensive. With a lot of karashi mustard and soy sauce it should be somewhat palatable to eat. At least, that's what a Dutch culinairy writer said...