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Two nominations for Baker, one of which wasn't all that amazing (DeWitt), is a bit odd. He did some fantastic work with TLOU though.

Hoping Steven Ogg gets it.

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Not sure if anyone will know the answer to this yet but, will the codes expire?

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Just grab RE 4 and 5. By the time you finish those, the price of RE: Revelations should drop to something more reasonable.

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I very much enjoyed this on the 3DS, but it's now easy to see the game's flaws now that it's under the HD microscope. I gave the simplistic combat a pass on the 3DS because it was just cool to play a full-fledged RE game on a handheld. On the 360, however, the combat just comes across as clunkly and weightless, especially when compared to RE5 and (*gasp*) RE6.

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It's worth taking into consideration that the project was supposedly scrapped and rebuilt from the ground-up several times, which no doubt caused the budget to inflate several times over. Only way 2K would've broke even is if they hit COD numbers, which was never going to happen.

Excellent game though. James McCaffrey needs to do more voice work. I personally think he would have played a better Booker DeWitt.

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Picked up Nightmare at Northpoint, Zodiac Tournament, and Year of the Snake for $9 and some change. Hope it's worth it.

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I'm interested, but I have no idea how to PM you.

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I think Ill be more upset if this game turns out good since the studio just got closed.

Don't feel too bad. I'm pretty sure that studio was contracted to make this game, and this game only.

The demo itself was actually quite enjoyable. The gun-play is familiar but solid, the cover swap mechanic is neat, the audio design sounded top-notch, and the customization options are still insane.

The overall movement of the characters feel a bit sluggish, but that could be because I just finished Tomb Raider. Some of the controls are a bit odd as well, having to hold A to vault is a bit annoying, as is tying sprint to the analog stick, but it's nothing game-breaking.

It's too bad EA didn't incorporate a Multi-player component, or I would have probably bought this, as opposed to getting it off Gamefly.

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Dead Space 3

A very solid game in it's own right, it just doesn't match up to DS2's excellence.