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Smashing times. 0

Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS. (SSB3DS... Yea gonna call it Smash 4 for this review because some times making the title shorter. Makes it just as long.) Smash 4 is the first Smash Bros. game on a portable system; and the first of the games to ever be released on two platforms. This review is for the 3DS version. If I put out a review for the Wii U version.. I will make a separate review. This review will pertain spoilers so.. You have been warned. (then again this is a brawler fighting game. Spo...

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Japan, I think I love you. 0

Blazblue, when I first played it i had a problem. I totally 100% blew at fighting games. My first attempt for this game started on the PS3 version and i lost the very first fight in the story mode. Playing the story mode on the PS3 sucked because it was long and involved alot of reading (its part visual novel after all) So I quit until the vita version was on sale. I tried again and thats when I fell in love. Im not great when it comes to explaining plot in reviews but in short... 100 years bef...

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Chargers from Left for Dead not included.. 0

Walking Dead is a simply one of the greatest zombie stories. The best reason is that it is a story! No saving the world is needed, No end all be all for everyone. Its just a story of a group of people in a messed up world.If you haven't played the Walking Dead yet by this point, you really should. One of the best episodic stories on this generation. Dark humor and great story telling makes me enjoy it even when im depressed playing it. The game gets better through the episodes, simply because th...

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Its what you thought it would be 0

Assassins Creed III: Liberation is a game you want to like, believe me I went into the game expecting the worst. Playing through it the story was relativity short and simple. You play as Aveline A half French half African-American woman in New Orleans during the time of the events that Conner is living through.The mission structure in Liberation is like the rest of the series with optional objectives and such. The missions are short and it works well on the vita where you can play a mission here...

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Mortal Kombat! 0

Mortal Kombat is a very messy and gory game... and its damn fun this game looks great and play's even better back to the classic two d game style of the original 3 games some could say Mortal Kombat is back and even better.As far as the story line goes its one of the best stories I have seen in a fighting game... ever switching between scenes without loading times this game looks great.As far as the story Raiden is about to be killed by Shao Kahn, and just before he delivers the last blow, he [R...

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