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@giantstalker: Same here duder. On top of it I have a 7 year old Son I get to game with now that makes it even better.

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2 was the best by far. Single and Multiplayer.

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I have it on PC. I have a pretty hefty gaming rig and it looks and plays amazing. The only thing that felt off to me is that the world just felt dead and empty compared to the other 2 games. At times when moving around the city it feels like you are in some sort of empty tutorial world. How the story plays out seems a bit bland too but its not bad.. Other then that its a great game. The first 2 were better for sure.

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I have a the Vita and 3DS and pretty much all the past handhelds and I just cant get into many portable games but I did pick this one up day one and I cant stop playing it. It has all the charm in the world. Its just a great game. It takes a while to get going but when you get to questing and talking to everyone its just a ton of fun. Everything about it is great. It hits me right in the feels for some reason.

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I thought it was one of the best Zelda games in the series. I think the biggest problem that its has hands down was the motion controls. I loved the art style and the how the story played out. I pretty much loved everything about the game except the controls. They worked fine but were just tiring and frustrating at times. I didn't want to be swinging my hands and arms around in an epic Zelda game when I want to just melt into my chair and be sucked into everything about the world. Swinging your hand and arms around can take you out of it. If they ever re-released and HD version with non-motion control support it would be one of the best things that could ever happen to the series. Its not bad at all. Its outstanding with a few hiccups. Play it for sure

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I'm wondering what others experiences are with these drops. I have played for 33 hrs and I am half way through level 24. I have not had one Legendary item drop at all since I have started playing. I have done a lot of Strikes, Crucible, Weekly stuff. Excluding vendors is anyone having the same experience with no Legendary items to be found? On the other hand is anyone getting them at a frequent rate?

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I finished Two Worlds on 360 and I liked it.

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Wait for at Corsair Vengeance K70 to go on sale.The can run around $100 quite often. Best keyboard I have ever had by far.

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I loved this game. I recently played through the whole thing in a weeks time and it was one of my better gaming experiences. I also played it in the dark with headphones on every time I played it and I think it made the experience even better.

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If anyone does get on. Im will be on the rest of the afternoon and night tonight. I want to join up with the duders! Character Name: Bigrustyrg