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I'm wondering what others experiences are with these drops. I have played for 33 hrs and I am half way through level 24. I have not had one Legendary item drop at all since I have started playing. I have done a lot of Strikes, Crucible, Weekly stuff. Excluding vendors is anyone having the same experience with no Legendary items to be found? On the other hand is anyone getting them at a frequent rate?

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I finished Two Worlds on 360 and I liked it.

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Wait for at Corsair Vengeance K70 to go on sale.The can run around $100 quite often. Best keyboard I have ever had by far.

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I loved this game. I recently played through the whole thing in a weeks time and it was one of my better gaming experiences. I also played it in the dark with headphones on every time I played it and I think it made the experience even better.

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If anyone does get on. Im will be on the rest of the afternoon and night tonight. I want to join up with the duders! Character Name: Bigrustyrg

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So is there no guild on Aerie after all?

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BigRustyRG#1598 for Aerie Peak guild. Pretty Please!

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I wanted my big group of buddies to be able to go through the campaign together. We cant. Coop story mission limited. Plus making them 1-3 in even more annoying. Why not 1-4? We were playing 4 player online coop back in 2005 last gen.

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I made and ordered this case today. I just thought I would show all the Duders.

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