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I made and ordered this case today. I just thought I would show all the Duders.

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Just did my transfer online at work this morning. I hope to get over there to join tonight. Every time I tried to transfer or join even when I started Ultros was always full. Got lucky today.

Rusty Gunner Gladiator Level 17 (Leviathan) on my way over to be a duder!

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Welcome back to the ESO beta! Both you AND a friend of your choosing are invited to participate in the upcoming ESO beta test! Join us from Friday, February 28th at 12:00PM EST until Sunday, March 2nd at 11:59PM EST.

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Today they took out the zombies and added Red Bears and Red Wolves in their place until they announce what the actual replacement enemy will be. I wonder what they are thinking?

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Anyone else going to try this early access out on Steam?

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Pretty Sure you could do it in first Breath of Fire. Not sure about the sequels.

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My favorite Holiday drink to make every year is Brandy Slush. It is the best. Happy Holidays!

Brandy Slush

5- cups water

2- cups sugar

2- bags of black tea. Your choice. I used Earl Grey

1- 12oz lemonade frozen concentrate

1- 12oz orange juice frozen concentrate

2- cups brandy. Suggest E&J VSOP.

5 cups water mixed with 2 cups of sugar.

Boil in a pot till sugar is dissolved.

Take 2 cups of that water and place 2 bags of black tea in them to soak for 5 minutes(any kind of tea you choose)I did Earl Grey, pull bags out and squeeze out all water into cup.

Pour tea water back in pot.

Mix 12 oz frozen lemonade concentrate, 12 oz frozen orange juice concentrate into teat water in pot.

Warm till all is melted and mixed.

Take off stove and pour in 2 cups of brandy.

Freeze in long flat cake pan. Using two pans can give you a better freeze. *Shallow and flat is the key.

Half glass of slush half glass of Ginger Ale! Yum!