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I think the difference between PC gamers being okay with the "death of the box" and the same logic being applied to the consoles is, like you said, the lack of porting and permanence that comes with owning digitally downloadable games on the systems. You can still go buy Abe's Odysee on Steam and have it run on a modern machine, but imagine if it was only available as a digital download on an online system that's already gone under, like the original Xbox Live? Would that just be gone forever? What about DRM-wise, or the online components? What about digital purchases for things like the DSi, or Wii games (when that eventually gets shut down)? These don't seem like big things at the moment, since the pickings on there were slim, but it's the precident of those things being lost forever.

The strange position that gaming is in, is that the medium itself changes every half a decade or so (or thereabouts). We went from using a joystick and a single button, to now sometimes you don't need a controller at all. Whereas with PC, it's "here's your keyboard and mouse, go", with consoles the very way that we interact with games alters itself with each progressive generation. Hell, I think this new cycle of consoles is really interesting in that we haven't really seen any significant changes in the controllers. That's nuts.

I know all this sounds like a tangent, but what I'm getting at is that I'm firmly on the side of "have these games for legacy purposes." I get that a lot won't have the space, or even the money (I know I really don't, so I'm a massive hypocrite in that regard at the moment) but like people enjoy having bookshelves of nicely bound versions of classic books, or their vinyl collections, I'd want to have a small part of my house to shelve all my classic games, and while that's easy for the cartridge era, we're moving onto a digital frontier, and like a lot of people and their qualms about technology, I sometimes worry that there really could be the case of "whoop, this game's just gone now! Sorry!" like what happened with MvC2 on XBLA that I bought, but didn't have on my hard drive when it was taken down. So that's just gone forever. And I really don't like that.

tl;dr I think a 'Netflix for games' system would be like a fossil fuel: Great for the short-term, and would probably work just fine, but what about the long-term?

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Hey, I've been trying to get into it for a while now (I have about 6 hours logged, but it's intermittent and I'm just full-on inexperienced with damn near everyone) and just can't seem to crack it, this seems like the perfect place to help me get good and see what this whole thing's about... SteamID is there.

I'd love to have a coach or something that could really get me into it... It took me a while to get into Team Fortress 2, but when I did I loved it, I bet this would be much the same thing. Except, you know. Not shooty-shooty.

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I'm putting my money in on Nintendo annoucing either one last big move to push out more WiiU consoles, or just flat-out announcing that this will be its last in-home console. Maybe they'll announce a big (big) price drop for it..? But hoenstly, I think the nails are all in the coffin, all that's left is for Nintendo to sprinkle the dirt.

I reckon we'll see that they'll just be a handheld company. I would say they'd go software-only, but no way would they throw away the possibility of just making handheld ports of the SNES and N64 games that everyone wants. Hell, to save their company, they could just do that. A lot of people homebrew their handhelds to do it, yes, but they did it before on the GBA and lemme tell you, I can't count the number of hours I've spent playing SMB3 on it. It's still in there, right now, I played it a couple of days ago.

Anyway, yeah. The fact that the TVii app isn't even functional in Europe because of a delay to the schedule that already meant Europe was behind, just tells you too much.

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Great article, and it looks like it's going to take a very in-depth look into what it is that needs to be changed in copyright law as we know it and translating it into something that can be made widespread in order for everyone to get behind it, so that we can all have a single voice in order for this to be changed.

I might be getting out of my depth here, but perhaps a detection system could be created wherein variations in the original sound file provided for Content ID could be used to determine if the content is being used for fair use? Of course, there are a lot of flaws with that kind of thing, but it would at least rule out all the 'copycat' channels that simply put a song on, with a picture.

As someone who has wanted to get into the Let's Play scene for a while, as well as use it as a platform that could spark some good debate, the threat of even showing a clip of a trailer in order to illustrate my point (which, let's be honest - ease of reference is kind of half the point of putting something into video rather than writing it) puts me off the whole thing if it means that my video could be muted or even taken down.

I think this is going to be a battle that will barely have reached any kind of official court in 2 years. I guess this is the turbulent era of 'the future' where all this technology has grown separate from one another and it's all trying to get along. Here's hoping that the people who put their lives into their passions aren't the casualties for it.

Also, that title. Goddamn. I'm still getting over that wordplay.


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Also, is anyone aware of any standalone PC capture hardware that is around so that I would be able to record footage from my laptop, as well? Or would there just be some way to simply use a VGA-component device and use the same capture equipment to record my laptop?

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@fattony12000: I'm mostly just going to be recording, since my internet situation in my flat isn't the best at the moment, and I'd like to have the option to edit all the boring parts of when I'm recording stuff for better videos!

Having streaming would be a good option, for the times that I'd be able to stream some multiplayer stuff, or some campaigns, but most of the time I wouldn't use it.

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@charlie_victor_bravo: This looks great, and it solves the problem that I just encountered of my laptop's built-in graphics card only having 126MB of memory in it, which is too low for most decent capture cards to record with... I'll look more into the AVerMedia capture card, but it seems to suit my needs perfectly...

Anyone out there using one of these?

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I've been hurt already with trying to use the Roxio HD Pro with both my laptop and my friend's high-spec PC, so now whenever I look at the reviews for a video game capture card, I can't help but think that it's simply going to be a waste of my money, for no results!

Does anyone have any experience with a capture card that has overall had no problems being used in conjunction with a laptop? I can provide specs, but it's powerful enough to run indie games and other software, the problem with the Roxio software, however, was that the program simply crashed whenever I tried to alter any of the settings... I can provide specs if need be.

What capture cards do you use? And have you experienced any problems with them? I was tempted to get a more expensive one, to try and avoid the issues of sloppy customer service, and unhelpful forums (like with the Roxio ones) but looking at the reviews of some of the more expensive pieces of hardware on Amazon, it seems like it's just an unavoidable problem... Can anyone help?

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This only seems to occur when using the Giant Bomb video player (ie, not when using YouTube to view Giant Bomb videos) and even when I decrease the quality so there's less needed, it still causes my computer to run so much that after about 3 minutes, the whole thing shuts itself down to protect the components from melting!

I don't understand what causes this, since I've watched a lot of streaming online before, but this doesn't happen anywhere else (except for Netflix and fullscreen videos)... Any answers? I really miss watching premium content, as I can't do so for more than 2-minute stretches, followed by 5 minute breaks for my computer to cool.

Edit: I just tried it when disabling the 'embiggen' mode, and it seems to run better, is there something that I'm missing whereby larger video sizes causes the computer to require more processing power on such a large scale?

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@Chris2KLee said:
" Green Lantern Batman has happened at least twice I think. Unfortunately we have not had the privilege of Russian Martian Batman...yet. "
There's isn't a Russian Martian Batman, but there is a Russian Batman...
He was in Superman: Red Son, and he looked awesome.