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@icemo said:

I came into this thread thinking that "monitor shopping" meant "window shopping" and you admire goods on the internet through your monitor instead of looking at display windows.

Now I feel dumb.

You shouldn't.

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I picked up a yearly sub so I could watch Drew's Korea stuff live but haven't re-subbed. To be honest I miss it and feel like a total asshole for not continuing to support these guys considering how much of their content I consume, I'll def be picking up a new subscription when I get back from shredding Bali in March.

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This was a killer read, thanks for taking the time to put it together.

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This thread is ridiculous, AA/battery pack is far better than a built in battery for pretty much all the reasons stated in the posts above.

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Great article as usual Patrick. Nice work.

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I would be down for beers in Vic but don't see a ferry ride to Van in the next week or so.

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I'm bummed.

I wanted a console built for the future.

If this console cycle is going to last as long as the previous, I want a console built to be relevant in 3 years time. Those policies as horrid as they were, were a taste of where we should be heading.

I don't want a console where things of the time are bolted on half assed like what happened with the 360.

I want a future where disks aren't in my way. Where i don't have to change a disk.

Not to mention all those server side "cloud" based experiences (like drivatars) are less compelling if ppl aren't connecting online.

I may sound dumb and be against majority, but I really did like where Microsoft was heading. I will still buy both day one though.

These are my thoughts exactly.

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IL-2 Birds of Prey and Birds of Steel

The Darkness

Geometry Wars


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Was that hillbilly elevator music?

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I think video game tattoos are cheesy as hell, that being said I would say it looks great FOR a video game tattoo but I think you lucked out with this one, it's just a solid piece all around, video game or not.

Tell your boy(girl?) he does good fuckin' work. Nice one.