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@blackout62: Lots of different jobs out there in advertising but if it's a creative role you're looking for I would recommend augmenting your design and writing with coding. There are a lot of coders and designers out there but if you can do both well finding a job shouldn't be very difficult.

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Both, I've been working in advertising for over 10 years, finally left the agency life to go freelance and the freedom is amazing. But having solid copy writing skills along with design and strategy is key to being successful in my industry. Both.

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@zeik: That makes sense, I could see the difficulty really ramping up on higher difficulties, I've just been playing through on normal though.

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Careful, the PS4 controller's fantastic (aside from the slippery grips) but after a few hours playing Olli Olli with it I completely tore open the left grip exposing the hard plastic underneath. Have 1000's of hours on both 360 and PS3 controllers and this is the first time anything like this has ever happened, controller's only a few months old as well.

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The game's pretty easy so I just roll with whoever has the best banter, my character's an archer but I usually roll with Varric, Iron Bull and then it's a tossup of Dorian or the elf mage guy.

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I hope it's true, not sure why anyone would waste their money on a strategy guide these days.

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Been a weird year for games, I'm sure most of my favorites won't even get mentioned:

Battle For Stalingrad
Elite Dangerous
Valiant Hearts
Vanishing of Ethan Carter
Alien Isolation
This War of Mine

It's strange when the Indie titles are outshining the AAA.

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@almostswedish: I was in Thailand during the protests, actually staying downtown Bangkok in the middle of it, both sides were totally cool with us, she'll be fine.