I love grinding

Sooo, I've just started playing the origial Disgaea.
Yep. Now I'm addicted to it. I've tried Strategy RPGs before and hated them, but this one is ridiculous, like a fountain of chocolately goodness laced with nicotine. I love going back to old levels to grind some more money for better equipment, or some more exp to gain higher levels and more advanced classes. It takes forever, but that's ok.
I also love the structure of it, having the hub world that you go back to after each level to buy equipment/create characters and go back to use the shit you just got. This is kinda how I played the Dragon Age expansion, but it lacked depth. In Disgaea, I have found that depth.
I am only 4:45 in though, so I've got a looooong way to go before the endgame.

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Posted by miva2

i hate grinding but i love it in disgaea
Disgaea is just the best gamefranchise ever made. I have played more than 100 hours without even finishing the storyline. I hope to finish it soon though.
I make way too many characters and then play with them in the item world.
Good luck and enjoy.

Posted by SpiralStairs

I like grinding but can't get into Disgaea.