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I want to talk about videogames.

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I used to defend Phil Fish. He was just a very opinionated person who often got on people's nerves. Nothing wrong with that, and he had some very understandable frustrations with a few dicks on the internet, even if he did handle it poorly by making sweeping, generalizing statements that caught innocent bystanders in its wave of hatred.

After the heinous and utterly evil actions he did earlier this week/last week, though... I don't support any form of attacking and bullying, but karma's a bitch. The employees of Polytron are the victims here.

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I really hate how the popular thing right now is making fun of people with anime avatars. It's lazy and childish schoolground-level bullying and all three of the people in the OP, including @danryckert, ought to be ashamed of themselves. It seems to be used to blankly dismiss an argument for which you have no counter, which just shows a lack of intelligence, an inability to form an argument, and a complete lack of willing to say "Yep, you were right and I was wrong." That type of behaviour is way more disgusting than watching cartoons.

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Revelations might be the only Resident Evil game I like, so great!

Except for the 360 part. Put it back on 3DS and we'll talk.

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Don't bother, this will just be deleted like every other thread about the corruption of games journalism that this whole thing has spawned over the last few days. You'll also be called an MRA despite not talking about anything like that.

Fuck the internet.

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Really hope they don't get involved in the game's development, it actually looked pretty cool.

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Just 3-0'd a certain "MonsterDunk" in SuperCard. I'm pretty jealous of his Super Rare Cody Rhodes. Mask!Cody was best Cody.

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@carryboy: @demoskinos: @corruptedevil: IDK. I haven't really been watching wrestling as of the last few months. I just listen to the powerbomb cast before a ppv and see if it seems interesting enough to watch. My dad always gets them so I thought I would sit in and watch. None of it really interested me. Just don't like any of the stars wwe is pushing right now so the whole thing was rather lackluster in my eyes. Maybe without the context of build up it losses something idk.

Not really. I haven't watched RAW in several months and thought it was great. Just solid match after solid match. I didn't like the main event, but repetition always really, really bothers me and enough people seemed to have been really into it that I'll just accept it wasn't to my taste rather than a bad match.

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I like Rusev a little more after his Summer Slam match. My biggest complaint about him was that he was supposed to be this stone-faced beast in the ring... but he always looked like he's about to cry. Last night he actually used that really well, particularly during the finish. Maybe someone pointed it out to him and he found his "thing."