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Also, nowhere except a Kingdom Hearts conversation will you hear more uses of the phrase, "up-it's-own-ass".

And "convoluted" from people who don't know what it means.

Kingdom Hearts' story is super simply, I don't know what is wrong with you guys. I mean, in KH3D, Xehanort's plan is revealed as pulling himself from various times into one time to create a small army of himself. What's confusing about that? It's just dumb, silly, and totally awesome fluff. But people will look at it and say "DUHHHH I CAN'T FOLLOW THE GAME'S LOGIC BECAUSE IT'S SO ALIEN TO MEEEEECONVOLUTEDDDDDFROTHFROTHFROTH" and dismiss it.

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Glitch vs. Glitchless?


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The first one was dope (at the time, the gameplay is hella dated now), the second one was the low-point in terms of story because convoluted anime bullshit, 365/2 nopenopenope, BbS was great all-around, 3D has the best plot reveal ever because it's so ridiculous and dumb also good gameplay.

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I wonder if there's a particular reason for playing the Chinese version of the game? I've heard how the Japanese version of Ocarina is preferred over the US version by speedrunners because it has fewer frames or something but I've never seen a Chinese version before.

The Chinese version is on a piece of (somewhat official, don't worry) hardware called the iQue. OoT on iQue doesn't have as many frame drops during the scene where Ganon's messed up version of Hyrule Castle crashes at the end, I believe? That might be wrong, but it saves frames somewhere. Maybe in the text.

I wonder if we're going to have to change the Kotaku joke to Giant Bomb now...

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First and second were easy but I was sure I was going to fail pretty hard on the third and fourth. I guess not. Was really hard to look at those squares for more than a few seconds, now my eyes hurt :(

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I don't want to have to wait for this game any more.

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So they took the absolute worst piece of trash mechanic from any MOBA and stuck it in their own?

Why was I looking forward to this?

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I've decided wrestling is only fun if you go full-on comic book mode with it, so I watched the main event last night like this:

  • Roman Reigns is a former SWAT with super-strength who fights for JUSTICE after his former employers left him for dead, he's not an actor who does adverts with his daughter
  • Kane is a demon whose upbringing as a human causes him to skirt the line between good and evil, currently evil due to the Authority's control over him. He is not Glenn Jacobs or whatever that dude's name is
  • I don't really have anything for Cena and Orton... They're just dudes. Cena's basically a way less interesting Superman, and Superman is horribly uninteresting to begin with. I mean, I could say he's a reformed thug who now fights for HONOUR and blahblahblah but honestly he doesn't really sell it at all well. Orton is Orton, whatever.
  • The Authority are a faction of SUPERVILLAINS whose goal is to control the SUPERHERO world to make a profit.

Now I just need to avoid dirtsheets, internet fantasy bookers who know better than the professionals of course they do, and most depressingly the WWE's constant breaks of this illusion such as Total Divas and allowing everyone to do out-of-character interviews and maybe I can enjoy wrestling?

I heard Bray Wyatt, by far the most exciting character going, did an out-of-character interview though so maybe WWE just doesn't want me to give a shit. Kill the "reality era" please.

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Alternate Title: Bane Is A Dick

Bane is such a dick, guys.

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I remember back when Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls was coming out, a bunch of streamers were promoting G2A so a lot of people bought it from them. A few months later, a lot of them got banned from the game or something; there was some big problem regarding G2A keys in particular, anyway. So, yeah, probably better off avoiding them.