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New T-Ara makes me a happy bear. If only the people who put their videos together would learn to stop with all the headache-inducing rapid cuts.

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Reminder that "AAA" is a stupid, meaningless term.

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EA Sports.

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From what I've played of it, by being terrible so it doesn't have any players to be toxic.

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Is it safe to watch yet? Is the Bella stuff finished?

>Nikki Bella in a title match


Divas division is a bit of a mess right now, isn't it? The Bellas stuff is poorly written, poorly acted garbage, and surely I'm not the only one to think some of the Paige and AJ stuff is teasing a step back into the skeeziest parts of the attitude era?

Well, maybe I'm just missing something on the second point, but the Bellas really are terrible.

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With such an aggressive post-release DLC strategy, you can't blame them for not wanting to give people too much to do. The balance has to be just right so that enough players stay engaged long enough that sales of the first expansion hits the targets that Activision wants.

Have these people learned nothing from Borderlands/World of Warcraft?

If you give people a metric fuckton of content (for the most part, good content), they will chew through it and still ask for more. I didn't see the Borderlands 2 add-ons suffering because people were done after the main campaign, and World of Warcraft has had what? Five expansions? since the OG release in 2004.

I wouldn't be perturbed by the amount of content in Destiny if it was just a weird shooter-RPG hybrid and positioned as such. What confuses me is why in the world would Bungie try to position this game as an MMO when it doesn't have nearly enough content to justify that claim. It's just strange to me.

Haven't they said it's not an MMO? I mean it clearly is, but I think I remember them claiming such.

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Diddy Kong Racing 2

Darksiders 3

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Not only does it depend on the game, but option 2 depends on the character. I'm not going to play as some horribly reprehensible dickhead.

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@gunslingerpanda: 1) game journalists aren't saying that those who enjoy playing games are maladjusted misoginistic man babies. They are saying that GAMERS are maladjusted misoginistic man babies. Which at this point is what the term means.

It doesn't make sense to claim that "gamer" means maladjusted misogynistic man baby, anymore than it makes sense to say that "feminist" means self-concerned man-hating whiner.

In fact, it makes even less sense, considering "gamer" relates to a hobby, while "feminist" relates to an ideology. Still, both of those descriptions are garbage. Drop the hateful generalization bullshit. Plenty of female and minority video game fans identify with the term gamer, and to slander the term does gamers everywhere a rather large disservice.

I think this is incredibly important to note. If you define "gamer" as anything other than "one who enjoys games", you're wrong. Just, that's it. You don't get to decide what that term means. It's not an ideology. It's not a set of beliefs, or behaviors (beyond playing games). It's just not.

I'm pretty stunned that people think otherwise just because a person on the internet told them so. Apply a modicum of critical thought and it just falls apart.

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For those who bitch and moan about game journalists mocking them, well, can you blame them?

Yes, I can. I didn't care about any of this until they started telling me I was a mal-adjusted misogynist who lives in my parent's basement because I happened to enjoy videogames. I don't even know what I did to deserve it aside from playing videogame; it's the exact same bullying I dealt with on the playground, except I've grown up and they clearly haven't. But I'm the manchild, right?

That's what I don't want from game journalism.