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If anyone was a fan of last weeks podcast, second is being recorded here.

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There are a lot of colorful female characters in the Zelda series. That doesn't mean that Link can't be one of them at least once, though.

Hmm. The idea never really occured to me. Probably because I haven't (to my constant shame) played that many Zelda games. But considering that the whole framework is that the many "Links" are sort of an individual embodiment of this more abstract destined hero, it would be really cool to play around with that concept as different characters. Or at least, stray a bit more from the doppelgangers we've had so far.

Yeah, I think this is a really cool idea, I hope Nintendo see the potential in it. I'd love it if the next Link was like a Mom or something.

The only thing that popped into my head upon reading this is "are you fucking serious with this?" and that thought won't go away. Time for another vacation from gaming forums even though I just came back from one.

I see nothing wrong with the idea. The first dungeon can represent the scars and stretch marks that labour induce, while the second can be all about FemLink coming to grips with having to sacrifice her personal and professional life to raise her family. Better yet, why not make Ganondorf the estranged father of said children and fucknoithinki'mvomitingallovermyselfnow

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@brodehouse: Oh, right. My mistake. I was playing too much Bayonetta to think things through.

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And they didn't even do that right, because as I said, a female Link wouldn't have anime schoolgirl thighs going on. It's out of character.

Dem thighs.

Young Link has exposed thighs; in the games where an "adult link" is used, he always (almost always?) wears leggings.

Hey. Thanks for looking out for this stuff. You should definitely see if you can get in touch with Nintendo so they can put this potential fantasy FemLink design to rights, lest they screw up the image of their own creation. Might wanna add that they should bring Wind Waker in line with OoT. Actually, OoT Link was real different from the manual artwork of LttP, so fix that first. Then again, even LttP Link looked nothing like the original one portrayed in the TLoZ manual. Oh, and don't forget to tell them to change his hair colour back to it's original.

Should also probably remove the boobs and give her a penis.

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@mbradley1992: Yeah. I got it for Christmas last year kind of as a joke present, but I was blown away by the fact that it's actually a remarkably good game.

Probably won't be getting 2.0 though as they're leaning pretty heavily into the Marvel stuff and as much as I love Disney, I love Nintendo about twice as much. Amiibo might well be the better choice for me in terms of videogame toys.

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@tbk: I'm sure I'll fit some Warframe in, too.

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@helicopterspy: I'll be playing a bunch today to try to get the IP for Gnar, so I'll go ahead and add you.

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I... I need to get a PS4 now. This looks like the Souls game I've been waiting for since Dark Souls.

More like since Demon's Souls. Bloodborne screams Tower of Latria and that is pretty much perfect.

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Just when you think Square Enix can't get any dumber.

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Can't find it now, but there was a screenshot of the Korean website that seemed to show Mega Audino devolve a Blaziken into a Combusken. wut?