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@yukoasho: Legend Mode is the campaign. I detailed the four modes in my review, though the 1000 word limit made it quite difficult to go into as much detail as I wanted in any area, including the modes.

Also thanks for giving me an opportunity to stealth-shill my review.

So... Your character levels are locked in the story mode? Odd....

I'm not sure I understand your question. You can level up your characters in any mode, I think. You unlock certain characters in Legend Mode and certain characters in Adventure Mode, but I honestly have no idea if the Legend Mode ones are unlockable in Adventure Mode since I stuck with Legend Mode until I was done. In Legend Mode, you can only use certain characters on each level/stage/map, but that restriction is lifted in Free Mode.

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@yukoasho: Legend Mode is the campaign. I detailed the four modes in my review, though the 1000 word limit made it quite difficult to go into as much detail as I wanted in any area, including the modes.

Also thanks for giving me an opportunity to stealth-shill my review.

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@amyggen: Press X to select a menu option. That's one-button combat. And it's been around since the original Final Fantasy.

That menu provided the options and thus the complexity. There has been no menu seen in any gameplay trailer of FFXV's real-time combat, thus raising concerns of the game's complexity due to the lack of options.

It's becoming increasingly clear that the issue isn't that there is "no context" for "casual means dumbed down;" it's that you're willingly blinding yourself to it to suit your argument. The rest of us choose not to do that, and won't be belittled for looking at things with a critical and open mind rather than a zealous one.

And stop trying to derail discussions with claims of "baseless hyperventilation" and "screeching." A quick scroll up shows none before your own post. You're deflecting and trying to paint anyone with an opposing opinion as idiots to discredit them.

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Timing-based, context-sensitive input sounds a lot like a QTE. A one button QTE.

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@vextroid: Others have already released video of the game, so it might be related to the Quick Look's length.

Yeah nobody is allowed to post more than 30 minutes.

Not sure this is the reason as there's plenty of videos of a length over 30 minutes on YouTube. Jesse Cox has a 33- and a 39-minute video, and since he's based in America he could only have got access to the game from Nintendo themselves and thus be under the same embargo rules as everyone else.

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@hailinel: Nothing I said was "panicky" or "angry" and I'm breathing just fine, thank you. No need for any condescending remarks like that; painting anyone with an opinion different to yours as a frothing child without any basis for doing so doesn't suddenly invalidate anything they've said, it just brings your own lack of argument to refute them further into the spotlight.

Combat in Final Fantasy has often not needed more than one button due it's turn-based and menu-driven nature providing the complexity that fans fell in love with. FFXV being real-time renders that comparison invalid, and unsurprisingly places it more in the realm of Kingdom Hearts, which did in fact use a number of buttons for its combat. With a more accurate point of comparison established, if FFXV is going to feature even less complexity than Kingdom Hearts, then that is extremely worrying and - more to the point - not at all what fans want. From Tabata's description of the combat, it's sounding closer to Dynasty Warriors than what fans want and expect from a Final Fantasy. Coupled with the footage we've seen of the game, it's painting a very concerning picture.

What's more concerning is the language Tabata is using to obfuscate this: Initially saying the game is being developed with fans in mind and then saying it will do what they haven't liked in previous instalments, but I've already mentioned that and shouldn't need to repeat myself.

Precedent says that when exploration is an "option" there's generally little effort put into it and little reward to be gained from it, replacing the stringent corridor of Final Fantasy XIII with a more deceptive one composed of empty stretches of the map that might as well be walls. For example, they're not going to implement any sidequests on the level of Vincent and Yuffie in an area of the game while offering a taxi through it. It simply doesn't make sense: The majority won't ever see it so it won't be cost effective. Instead it will be collectible Cactuars or some guff.

Could you please tell me just how much information I'm required to see before being allowed to formulate any opinions or concerns? After I've played it? Well, I absolutely agree that it would be ridiculous to judge an entire game before actually playing through the whole thing, but I'm not doing that; I'm expressing concern for the game based on information on the game's direction from the man at the absolute highest level of its development.

I'm also a little concerned about whose words I should base anything on if not the director himself.

It'll basically be a one-button action, and the AI intuitively outputs an action that kind of satisfies, gives you that instant gratification, and it connects with the simple touch of a button.

Also this just sounds like an over-simplified Quick Time Event.

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@hailinel: "Out of context"? There is plenty of context: He is talking about what direction he is taking Final Fantasy XV in. This is apparently simultaneously fan-oriented and yet "casual" with "one button combat." He even gives a specific example of what he means by casual in allowing the car to drive itself, and the Behemoth example of combat. In other words, he's lying through his teeth to appease fans while doing everything they have overwhelmingly hated in previous incarnations of the series: The "corridor" - which oddly enough the article says it won't be - of the game playing itself, and a combat system that sounds and looks inherently alien to what drew fans in originally.

It's fine if you're willing to bury your head in the sand, but don't expect others to do so and wave away their concerns with empty mocking rather than any actual arguments to back it up.

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@hailinel: Whether it is or it isn't, neither of us will ever know most likely.

Eurogamer has an interview with Hajime Tabata, the new head of FFXV:

I've just red the interview. He wants the game to be more casual with one button combat system... What the hell is happening to Final Fantasy? Just do a game with turned based combat and a world map to explore ridding an aircraft. Done.

God, I hoped you were joking but... what on Earth? I don't necessarily want it to simply devolve to turn based combat and an aircraft, but to say they're focusing on what the fans want in one sentence then immediately contradict that with making it "casual" whatever that means and "one button combat" is insane.

Not to mention he's basically saying that he's catering to fans, then saying "Nah, not really, I'm turning into a western RPG because that's what I like. Fuck the rest of you."

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