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Social Justice, better known as "I'm allowed to bully you because I perceive myself to be morally superior based on personal beliefs."

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Ah the great framerate non-debate.

Here's a fun thing you can do, take an HD video of anything that involves movement, stick it in some video editing software like sony vegas and creat 2 clips of the same footage, render 1 @60 fps and 1 @30 FPS then watch them back to back....get mind blown.

There is a HUGE difference, and it is not more is better by any means. There is a very good reason hollywood uses 30/24 fps to make films, it gives a much more cinematic feel. 60fps seems a lot more real which is not always a good thing.

So generally for me I prefer a locked 30 for that extra smidge of atmosphere, unless it is a multiplayer shooter or moba or something that involves a lot of quick mouse movement.

You're a bit backwards there. Hollywood doesn't use 24fps because it makes video feel cinematic. When frame rates were being standardised, the idea of a "cinema" was a totally novel idea. Video feels cinematic at 24fps because that's what hollywood uses. There's nothing inherently more "cinematic" about any frame rate, it's just what we're used to.

I came to say this but you beat me to it. Not that it should even need saying, honestly.

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It's not really about preference. 60 is smoother, therefore better. Going back to 30fps in something like Hyrule Warriors feels like watching a slideshow or moving in tiny increments through jelly.

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Just the other day I saw a reddit thread asking which wrestler I'd "mark out" for the most if they returned. My immediate thought was the Boogeyman.

This pleases me.

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Ofc. a multi billion company caters to the more lucrative market and better deals what did you expect? The raw PC power hasnt been utilized in any AAA game the last 10 years.

Shadows of Mordor? Crysis? The Witcher 3 is coming out?

Crysis sure and we will see about the Witcher but Shadow of Mordor aint even a great looking game on consoles.

That's his point. It looks great on PC so your point is false.

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God forbid a game director decides how his/her own game should be presented...

Calling a mod a "fix" is absurd.

"Cinematic" letterbox and "cinematic" 30FPS lock is what's absurd, here. These mods are absolutely a fix.

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Is Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Bladeworks just a series telling the same story as the movie of the same name?

Another question: I watched the original Psycho-Pass rather than the remake. Which one does the new series follow on from are they close enough that it doesn't matter?

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Wow, this looks gross.

Oh well, I can safely ignore it. What will be even more gross is the inevitable censorship campaign to get it banned or some crap.

I'm not entirely convinced this isn't some weird commentary on game violence yet, either. Or Frog Fractions 2.

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The injection of personal views is self-serving rather than customer-serving and thus has no place in a review.

Games press seems to be in a weird spot right now, with far too many writers banging on about a movie they watched or something that happened to them as a teenager in their articles. This kind of thing is completely irrelevant and unhelpful to the customer and only serves as some weird kind of self-masturbatory congratulation for lengthily justifying the writer's feelers on something. Again, completely irrelevant to the reader and, to be honest, horribly boring. A lot of them seem to be suffering from gigantic egos and a thirst to be the centre of attention.