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Huh. Finished episode 1 this morning. I'm not certain I love it, but it's okay? Like a low-rent telltale game?

I also seem to be in the minority on most of the choices I made, which makes me wonder if I'm missing any major plot points, (I hid the truth, made fun of Victoria, intervened, and took the blame for Chloe.)

I found myself not using the rewind mechanic during major decisions, though. The game throws a disclaimer at you saying your choices have consequences, and i feel like redoing those segments takes a lot of the impact away from them. I'd rather live with the choices I made, as that makes for a more engaging experience going forward.

I suppose I'll sign on for this, because now I have to know what happens, but again; not great, not awful

Well, that's partially the question that the game keeps asking you. You have the power to change the past but should you? It constantly plants doubts in your heads no matter what decision you make after major events. So really the time rewinding mechanic just sort of drives that point home. It shows the player that they are going to have consequences to deal with no matter the choice. There is no "good" or "bad" choice just consequences. And the thing is you do have to live with the choice you made so rewinding ultimately doesn't really damage the experience.

I was wondering if this will be a factor in the endgame. Maybe the more you've used it in an effort to do everything perfectly, the worse the outcome will actually be? I wonder if that's what causes the vortex itself and the amount of damage it winds up doing will be related to how much you tried to change time rather than your actions.

...Yeah, this game's pretty good. I appreciate that the mechanics seemingly have an impact on the story which is not what I expected from the awful trailer. After watching that I was ready to crap on it as another movie with gameplay interludes, but I'm glad I gave it a shot.

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The desire to bang kids is a pretty bad one.

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I don't know if this will get taken down at some point but this is pretty interesting (and kind of depressing).


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if you watch more of parkourdude91's videos you'd realize he's just playing a character and this video is no different

I dunno. Yeah, he's playing a character, but he also legit sent a guy to Israel to "save Tupac" a few years ago.

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What I've learned from this thread is that there are people who don't say "hella" every day of their lives.

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You guys can be a bunch of humourless nerds

Seriously. What the fuck is wrong with some of you?

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Just got this e-mail:

WWE has just announced that we will be giving new WWE Network subscribers the entire month of February free including WWE's newest pay-per-view event, Fast Lane. As a thank you for your patience and being one of the first to sign up for WWE Network, we are extending this special offer to you. You will now get February for free and will not be charged for WWE Network until March 1.No action is required on your part.

They really need to stop giving it away for free, though I'm guessing this is a way of fluffing up the numbers after so many people seemed to be talking about cancelling their subscription after the Royal Rumble? I wonder if Fast Lane will play out in a way to get those people back then?