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...It's Wednesday. Chill bro. Hug a puppy man. It'll be ok.

I read this as "Hang a puppy" and now I'm crying D':

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It's pretty simple: A lot of people find him funny.

It's not purely children, either. I don't really find him amusing, but I know several people my age (late 20s) who do.

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I've got a GTX 770 and I'm installing it now. I doubt the Ultra Textures will work because it's 2GB VRAM. But still, it'll probably look good.

Really I can hardly tell the difference between High and Ultra at 1080p. High looks really good, so you you shouldn't feel like you are missing anything. There are lots of options so I'm sure you will be able to find a combination you are happy with.

Aren't the Ultra textures designed for 4K anyway? I can probably run them when steam stops dicking around with pausing every download every few seconds, I'm just not sure why I'd want to at 1080p.

EDIT: Got it working and I'm inclined to agree with you, I can't see any difference... Except my average framerate is higher.

R9 290X 4GB:

High with recommended settings average FPS was 61~

Ultra with recommended setting: 66FPS



Wonder if this will work with r9 290

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It's not supposed to happen, but I generally get physical games delivered a day or two early when I pre-order, so this kind of needed to happen to combat the retailers who do this.

Why order Hyrule Warriors digitally when I can pay less and get it a day earlier via Shopto? This could be a less malicious factor into its growing popularity..

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Yes, since most of them only didn't have save functionality due to limitations of the hardware/software. It's not so much that the games were "intended" to be played without them as they just didn't exist at the time. Also even if they were "intended" to be played without saves, I don't really care; I'll take the convenience afforded me by the updated technology instead of beating my head against walls all day.

I also do it when illegally emulating games, too.

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I already bought it, but thanks for posting this. Don't really understand why people object to a post aimed to save them money. Even if it was "shilling," it's only benefiting the customer.

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All of it. We're the fucking 80's of the 2000's. Okay, that's retarded, but what I mean is in like 20 years everything that is popular now will be ironically popular and lampooned. People will think of dubstep like they think of 80's synth. A throwback FPS game with mad bass drops will be the analog to Far Cry Blood Dragon and its retro synth soundtrack.

Except everything about the 80s is still glorious.

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This MyCareer friends list integration thing sounds good. Who's making the Steam group?

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Yep. It's great. It's got a solid line-up now, and that's not even including Bayonetta 2 and Smash Bros.

If it's Hyrule Warriors that's piqued your interest, go for it. I'm suffering a mild addiction to that game.