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i am just stunned,the gameing world has lost a good man.

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i am unable to play after completing one and i think half way into 2 , all my saves will not show up there in the saves folder but TWD will not see them and its kinda destroyed it all for me,i have tryed the 2 fixes that are out there neather worked for me :( its a shame as i loved what i had played so far.

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i enjoyed jurassic park ,i played it as a choose your own adventure and when you die you just go back to where your bookmark was.the story was ok ,the only thing is i found it too short would have liked it to be a bit longer maybe an hour or two.

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i just get the feeling its a psp game with touch features addon that get in the way of the game for me,story was ok but the graphics where no way near uncharted which i sat and played over 2 days and finshed this has turned out to be my toilet newspaper game :P,shame was realy looking forward to it and bit of a let down.i need to fin it fast so i can trade in and get £25 back.

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I did jury duty in the UK and all i got was £5 a day and I could only spend that in there cantina.

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Shame I really enjoyed reckoning so much I bought a copy for my brother and dad and thay loved it as well shocked it did not sell well.

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will not even let me put the code in because i am all ready a subscriber :(

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i hope this will have a 3dtv option

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no this is not good news :( this is the worst news i could hear and i could be loseing my job sometime next year .

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shame i realy enjoyed the game and was looking forward to another.