d'you know what i really like about cliffy B.... He never go's back on his word.
You see it with musicians,film makers and game developers when their products are picked on.
They always start to pick out where it all went wrong.

cliffy B still talks up how awesome gears 1 is...

also on that note i am finally EXCITED for gears of war 2. It can't be game of the year, I will happily be proven wrong but metal gear is so far ahead of everything this year i dont think any game released between now and december can even touch it.

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Stop swearing.

Why does my page not show everyones blog?

Quick thoughts on games I have played, games I have bought and games left in stasis

Games in stasis i should finish...

Psychonauts (ps2) I  WANT, WANT, WANT to finish this game a little bit like I always wanted to finish Beyond good and evil, But then when i got around to Bg&e I had  moved on to buying then-next-gen (rhyme!) games for my 360, If i ever get a bigger HDD for my 360 i will possibly, probably  consider rebuying that game because I enjoyed what I played of it immensely.. Psychonauts on the otherhand i bought to tide me over while my 360 was off in Prague or wherever they fix euro 360s after theyve red ringed.. The writing and story and design is amazing and I really wish i could finish it, unfortunately i no longer have a ps2 because i borrowed my sisters to play it and that means my save is irrelevant.. part of me just doesnt want to go through what i had already gone through I remember  the controls and the platforming being a little broken... maybe i need a third rrod... NO!

zelda: the phantom hourglass (DS)
There is a couple of DS's floating about my home, none of them belong to me..  I just know theyre there and theres a copy of zelda floating about, I played it initially for two or 3 days  and was hugely charmed by the game... Its zelda, It can wait Zelda has never been about the story.. I really have no excuse

Games i have bought (and not played)

jet set radio future (xbox)
I bought jsrf , people talk about it fondly. I have no intention of playing the game at the minute but you can guarantee when you WANT to play it  , you just wont be able to find it anywhere, I started it up and played a bit of it First thing i noticed is how incredibly beautiful the game is, even now.

Games i have bought (and played)

Mercenaries 2 :world in flames (360)

I think I hate this game, I  enjoy it with my friend, I enjoy the explosions, I enjoy  the open ended nature but seriously pandemic , DUDE, YOUS GAME IZ BROKE!
 looping voices- The same two or 3 things are said over and over and over again.... ive put over 6 hours into the game I KNOW FIONA.. if i get stuck i can come back to the PMC base. DYING... I die often not due to incompetent gaming but due to a spawning tank from nowhere  or a rocket or a helicopter, sometimes i want to break things,  The game doesnt even have an animation to signify youve revived your partner, sometimes enemies ignore you and friends shoot at you, sometimes while going after a bounty the bounty will kill himself or his friend will fire a rocket into his face, Its fun when just being played for the explosions witha friend but the campaign is A. too short and B. completely boring, I just wanted to skip anything with story in it and that shouldnt be the case when peter stormare is in it. The game seriosly needed another 6 months of fixing the bugs.

Star Wars the force unleashed (360)

plays awesome.. until you hit bosses or the bit with the star destroyer, At least this game makes you feel awesome for the majority of the game, The few faults with the game can be overlooked by the style and design and wonderful story that fits 100% into the original trilogy universe, The force powers and combo system works wonderfully. The biggest issue being when those powers are made redundant by the bosses..... a few too many quick time events also.

Wipeout HD (Ps3)

Beautifully fast, I love the wipeout design, The online is so fast and furious, the game is like wipeout... the prettiest wipeout on the market.. A little too ahrd for newcomers and people not very good at racing games, even on "novice" the game still asks perfection of you at times making it more frustrating than fun.

Games ive have been playing which i have owned for a while

pixeljunk eden

garden 3, spectra 4 almost full time... fall to the out of time


Games which I have played on a  console that doesnt belong to me

Mario galaxy (Wii)

This game is awesome, not the revelation a lot of reviewers made it out to be when it was released, but definately the best 3D mario i have played, i was never fond of mario64 I think I was one of the few that was frightened of the jump from 2D to 3D. I just didnt like it, I since played a little of it again and its better than i thought then... anyways galaxy is a great game and i got the hang of the wii controls pretty easily, I do find the whole remote/ pointer thing to be a lot more unresponsive than i thought it would be

Lost winds (wii)

It looks and sounds lovely, its like a 2D zelda.... Its fun until you realize you have to go back  15 minutes to your last save and you want to smash the fucker.... good job its not a physical product then.

yes these are a bunch of games ive been playing maybe id tell you about the japanese cat-game that takes a million years to load up on the ps3.....
Its called Mainichi isho if youre curious... theres seven trophies 3 are easy to get the last 4 take idiotic amounts of time and pressing the x button over and over and over x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,xx,,x,x,x,,x,xx,x,x,x,x,,xx,,x,x,x,,x,x,,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,,x,x,x,x,x,x,,x,x,x,x,,x,x,x,x,,x,x,x,x,x,x,,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,,x,x,x,x,x,x,,x,x,x,x,x,x occasionally youl get a triangle or a circle or and option to choose....

the things i do for trophies.


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After an hour and a half of download time I saw a lot of this....

Can i be a ghost-seal too?

It took almost an hour to get into a game

and 15 minutes to realize this game is about two years too late.

Dear sony

you lose.
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Dear september..FUCK YOU!

Semptember hates us all. Games, games, games and games september is when they all  pile up and my "catch up" on ps2 games never comes about (persona 3, odinsphere, killer 7.. possibly finish psychonauts & beyond good and evil) So friday Mercs 2 is out me and my friend are really quite excited about blowing shit up, I have read the many many issues from the IGN review and they all seem overcomeable.. a bit like how Army of two is a lot more fun than it should be if youre playing it in co-op, The exact same day VIVA PINATA is out... i fucking LOVE viva pinata but I think its going to have to wait  for me to flush whatever gun-nutish game im interested in at the time (probably still cod4) out of my system... The Badgesicles and Limenocerouses and fudgehogs and tafly's will have to wait.

Dude, how dare i leave out Profitamoles!

So yes.. september, the month of game-hate... In that it hates us because there is too many games released...
 I think i will just type a list.

mercenaries 2
viva pinata: trouble in paradise
force unleashed
lego batman.

Now this list isnt very huge , but paired with what is coming up in later months It seems a little overwhelming
I cannot see any other way but to get all of these games being a huge batman, star wars and explosion geek (with an unhealthy love for paper-animals)
maybe the batman one has y'know batman in it unlike the batman film that didnt y'know have batman in it.


fuck you bully scholarship edition.... I cannot get past the first "mission" in the game because the sound always drops out and then the game freezes.. This isnt a random occurance but an inevitability when starting the game. The annoying thing is that i waited so, so long for the game, refusing to pay £30 for what is essentially  a ps2 game and for the update that apparenty fixes all the games issues..and then i start it and its still broken... the game runs fine even without the update on my friends newer gen 360 (has hdmi and all that). The best thing about this is my searching for forum advice... I should KNOW by now that forums are not the place to go looking for answers, What i learnt is... "my one works fine, fuck you" AWESOME!

Castle crashers is awe to the some!

There was a tiny article in the newspaper about Braid ... i was seriously shocked  about this..i may scan it in , it didnt go into much depth but it does bring up the games  validity as art... I am firmly in the games CAN be art camp, and yes i DO understand the difference between Artistic aspects and  something just being Art... for all the praise okami gets about being art I am not convinced  the game it is (ZELDA !)  can really be classed as art... its a beautiful and truly awesome game but it doesnt really have any emotional depth.

But thats a much, much longer rant i will most likely leave for my livejournal, because kidssss into games tend to be full of a little too much self importance
and thats another rant for lj ....i'm not so sure this is the place for that rant.

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Got me some booty...

I was a little surprised about  some of the reviews for this game saying it was more platform heavy with less emphasis on shooting... because I am a huge R&C fan and the bit on the beach with the pirates is possibly one of the most insane shoot-fests i have seen in the entirety of the series....

This said  (and i havent finished it ..and i know its short) I have had a lot more fun with this than i did for the entirety of the last game.. my mood at the time was possibly a factor  *shrug*

Maybe i just yearned for more platformy moments and  this game has some very nice jumpy-swingy-elecricy sections other news

the force unleashed is quite good ... but has major camera/lock-on and quicktime issues.

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Monday is like sunday and that day is like all the other ones.

games roundup extreme!

Call of duty 4 (360)... my friend got prestige 2-ing it... i got a 17 kill streak and although the records...record it It was still nice for someone i physically know to have witnessed it.... if anyone replies to this with " i got 30 kills blah blah blah"... then you are a camper...and you suck!

Bionic commando rearmed (360)

Is cool, although beyond a playthrough and some achievement hunting it is very short, hard is very hard and i plan to go through it on that at some point but superhard is shitty and not worth the time,dedication and frustration for 5 achievment points.... The game is a teensy bit TOO oldskool hardcore for my liking. Just for the record...

I dont suck at games.

Soulcalibur IV (360)

I'm working my way through getting all the weapons. I got all the items for both the male and female and im just getting all the weapons now. I need like 400,000 and that means going through the easiest leve (in which they dont begrudge being thrown constantly)l on the tower like 40 times.. i got  the impact and just impact and 100 critical finishers achieves... the  200 impacts was a pain.

characters i have seen online which have been awesome...
Mario (i was seriously impressed by someones mario)

Characters whot i did that are ace
harry potter
amelie poulain (it amused me that i could make a film from a whimsical frenchromantic fantasy to punch dudes with online)

I didnt play my ps3 this week.....

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Bionic woman sucks! If she had a grapple-arm though....

where abouts?

Some  brief thoughts on Bionic commando rearmed...

I Like bionic commando rearmed and i have warmed to it considerably as I spent longer and longer with it but  my overall impression is that games are the way they are today for a reason,  frustrating control schemes and toughness had their place in old nes games to disguise that the games were only about an hour or two long,  but here  I found myself dying due to a lot of unfairness, I dont mind fair deaths where I myself have obviously failed to use the controls properly or mistimed a button press but when I die in a game due to a jumping after a swing because the game decided to at that point or a grenade throwing soldier knows the EXACT moment you snap to the bottom of the ledge  they are standing on I cant help but be a little annoyed at the game...

I finished it... which is better than the two or so levels i managed on the nes version..always a plus, The game looks brillinat, just stylized to the max and Its self referential humour and completely bonkers storytelling... super joe is an amazing name and hitlers head explodes in such an AWESOME way that its hard not to like the game.

Much has been said about the remixed 8-bit music, I personally think its a mixed bag 3 or 4 of the pieces of music are truly awesome  in their massive beats kind of way but some of the music like the map screen or the fsa bases should have been toned down in their shrill bleepiness because they annoy the fuck out of me.

So so so so so

bionic commando...its cool, it really is but i just cant see why people are saying its the greatest thing theyve ever played... I dont think the gameplay has been evolved enough in places..i abhor having to inch my way forward to be in the only position to reach a ledgeand i am not fond of  the games insistence on using lives per add to my frustrations I spent a good hour or so not knowing how to get to certain places on the map because its at a weird isometric angle and the  helicopter sometimes looks like its in a different place  to where it actually is....and on top of that i was in a one way part of the map where i literally couldnt move forward due to everytime i started an enemy truck drove into me.... and it always resets back to the square you are on... 3 fuckin times!!!!... truly annoying...

anyways once i got the hand of the way the arm always shoots diagonally was about 3 or so hours until i actually realized this, and once i got the sometimes random timing down I realized theres a pretty good game in there, not the revelation some would have you think but  It does look lovely and i like the way the characters move...blah blahblah...

Im such a whiner when it comes to games
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