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Posted by Yummylee

Lookin' good thus far.

Posted by GunstarRed

@Yummylee: Now you've recommended it I'm only going to buy shit games for the rest of the year.

Posted by MajorMitch

I assume the numbers are stars out of 5? If so, I'm curious about Ni no Kuni. I haven't noticed many people who didn't absolutely love it, so I'd be curious to hear more about why you didn't like it as much :)

(For the record, I liked it overall but had some fairly substantial problems with it.)

Posted by GunstarRed

@majormitch: Yeah, the numbers are out of 5. I like a lot of things about Ni no Kuni. I think the game gives a very, very strong first impression with all the 2D cutscenes and introductions to characters. I liked that the first town looked like something out of Earthsea and the music is of a really, really high quality, but about 50/60 or so hours in the combat and boring side quests got a little tiresome.

I don't know if it's the way I play JRPG's and I over-level a little too much, but I felt like I was just hitting a single button to win most fights. I wish I could find a better word than charming when describing the game, but it is charming and some of the towns are filled with that Ghibli magic... The story felt a little like it was aimed at a much younger audience and failed to create any real excitement. I fully understand why some people love it and I wish I was one of those people. I thought this would be the game to reignite that spark for these kinds of game, but I just came away from it feeling like I had spent about 90% of my time grinding out enemies.

Very, very pretty though.

Posted by MajorMitch

@gunstarred: I'm with you on the combat and story, which were the things I was curious to hear about. It took me a few fights to get a grasp on how the combat worked, but once I did I basically executed the same simple routine for the rest of the game, which got kind of old and grindy. And the story was... idk, a little dull. I think you're right that it was probably aimed a a younger audience, as it moved pretty slow and didn't have many interesting twists or turns.

I also agree that it's charming and it looks and sounds great (I might even like the music more than the look), and overall I can kind of get why some people love it so much. But I also found parts of it a little underwhelming, and I find it a little strange that I rarely see less favorable opinions on Ni no Kuni. So thanks for sharing!

Who knows, maybe we're just outgrowing these kinds of games :P