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So i beat the dlc and went to fight Sif. after dat cool cutscene we started fighting, and i feel like he was slower and not as powerful. am i crazy,*SPOILERZ* or does he go easier on you after summoning him to beat Manus?

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Remember, although strength and dex can help with power, the best way to have damage is to upgrade your weapon. Do it with a weapon that you feel comfortable with, and think you can use for the majority of the game. (Drake sword is good till sens fortress. After that it's horrible.) Also, I beat the game with the Pyromancers robes. I find that upgraded it does a lot of protection, while allowing quick movement. Thanks, hope I helped.

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So I'm feeling pretty good. Finally beat dark souls, so now I can go back and not ruin what I screwed up in the first run! (If anyone needs help at a part of the game, I'll try and get to that part to help. Thanks!)

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This was friggen helpful. So, I joined the Warriors of Sunlight after I beat them (with help of course. I ain't no mastah) And I'll use all this info. Thanks dudes.

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Well, I'm stuck on the smough guy in Anor Londo and i have no humanity. If someone needs help on an earlier part of the game, I'll help so i can get some.

(Also, rate the messages you see! Helps a lot. Thanks!)