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#1 Posted by Gupta (33 posts) -

Im looking forward to this game. The first teaser sold me.

#2 Posted by Gupta (33 posts) -

Halo Wars any day.

ONly played AOE I and II and though I liked them I thought AOM trumped both, so Id want a new AOM game actually..............

#3 Posted by Gupta (33 posts) -

This game looked good in the first trailer however due to its "game show" structure it has completely lost me. I like a good story/premise in games and this looked like it had an interesting premise, however  it seems like it is designed to shock whoever is playing.

I guess that itd be fun at first but really Im questioning why, the art style is definitely good but....

#4 Posted by Gupta (33 posts) -

WEll I remember in San Andreas I swam to the top of the map and I kept swimming and I just got further and further away.

I did the same thing in GTA IV with a helicopter.

#5 Posted by Gupta (33 posts) -

I know games like SM64 had this conept before, but i remember experiencing this in Jak and daxter for the first time.

IM talking abotu when you try and swim out to see and the big fish eats you. I liked how they didnt place an invisible barrier there and they implemented like something that tied into the game. And I also liked how in GTAs when you swim out the body of water extends out infinitely.
I just thought it was interesting and even though their essentially replacing the wall with something else that limits your movements I thought it was a step forward.

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#7 Posted by Gupta (33 posts) -

Look at Advent Children. Great action, but the plot was so thin.

They need to have it be animated and get like guys who actually work with movie timings to get a story together. Im not sure which branch of SE does the anime like FMA and stuff, but Im sure theyre not too experienced with the time factor of a movie and how arcs should paly out in a time span of about 2 hours. ALso games like FF have lots of fiction and backstory and I guess Advent CHildren was jsut too hyped for it to be as meaningful as a direct FFVII sequel or even a remake.

#8 Posted by Gupta (33 posts) -
MagusMaleficus said:
"Why is he so revered? Well, probably because he carries around a big fuckin' sword."
Lol. Maybe its some form of masculine symbolism  o_O
#9 Posted by Gupta (33 posts) -

THe main reason I didnt like Wrath of Cortex was that the controls felt really floaty and weird.

Also the levels in Crash 3 and the previous ones were brilliant, with their set themes and stuff. I liked the ones where somthing chases you.

Also what happened to N Brio during the latter games? He was like a major boss (and dificult) in Crash 1.

#10 Posted by Gupta (33 posts) -
PureRok said:
"Midna because she was the only real character that accompanied him. She was also the only companion that actually did something other than point out the obvious.
Agreed. She was like a plot device instead of a gameplay hinting system. She served both purposes well in the context of a Zelda game.

I reckon that the king or the boat in Wind waker wasnt bad, only because without him wed have to swim everywhere, and I guess Epona as well.
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