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Sir, you are a pro. Get well soon !

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"Fire and Forget 2" for the Master System back in 1990. I don't remember why I got it, but it's horrible. That game should be used in universities for teching how_not_ to make a videogame.

Some years ago, a group of developers made a great Master System emulator called MEKA (after the Wonder Boy III boss) and in order to become a registered user you could send them an original Master System cart. I asked them if I could send them my copy of "Fire and Forget 2" and they told me "No, please. Not that one!" :-)

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You're more than welcome! The game was already listed when I got here, and I got pretty early so I think it was made by the "Fantastic Four" staffers or one of its intern sidekicks :-)
I'm a Gabriel Knight-obsessed gamer so the first thing I did when I got here was to check the GK game pages. Right now the guys have a lot of items in their mod queue from me regarding those painfully empty pages xDDD