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I'm so glad games such as this, Gone Home and Dear Esther exist. The latter two have more emotional resonance than most titles I've played, and even if the gameplay isn't particularly strong they do a lot to prove the medium is uniquely positioned to explore such feelings.

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I've been pretty appalled by the conduct of some US police these past couple of weeks, but I'll make an exception for them knocking in the teeth of whoever's responsible. More than ever, internet trash need to face real life consequences for once.

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Far Cry 2 is my favourite FPS game. People hate it because of some AI issues and navigation issues - I think its the greatest FPS Style game ever. Why? Because I don't think its a FPS game at all. Its a First Person Orienteering Survival Game. I F'ing love that game. I loved planning out how to get to where I was going, which mode of transport I would use, which weapons, what time of day or night I would set. Sure it made no sense that the enemy outposts would respawn as soon as you were 50 metres away but I just took the stance they were hyper organised and added it to the puzzle of survival. The total immersion of never ever leaving first person, not even to look at your map, was incredible. I did everything there was to do in that game, twice, and Far Cry 3 was a bit of a let down to me. You had to pause to see the map......need I say more.

I might be over three months late, but YES. God-damn it yes. The commitment to raw first person survival in Far Cry 2 makes its numerous flaws totally worth it. I did everything I could to make Far Cry 3 feel more like it; disabled all the assists and even installed a mod to reduce HUD elements. There's nothing quite like Far Cry 2 though.

Just made the shameful realisation I never finished it; never came close. Must be rectified.

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I've finally come to the conclusion that the internet is never going to be a safe place and it will always be complete shit on a major level. Kind of sucks since a lot of modern society relies on it nowadays and no one can really do anything to stop these people. The select few ruin it for the majority.

It's been a disheartening week or so in that respect - so much inexcusably vile behaviour online. The real world hasn't exactly been a swell place either recently, what's to gain from destroying our refuge from it all?

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@branthog: The other thing to consider is that online multiplayer is a significant addition for projects like this. They might well want to include online, but it could be outside their scope - I can imagine the physics being tricky over a network.

I'm also in a position where I lack friends that would have the time or interest to play locally, but I think a game like Gang Beasts would lose a lot of charm online anyway.

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@corvak said:

The jump scare is like sudden drums in a piece of classical music, used to break up an otherwise boring piece of music and make it interesting.

I understand the thought you're conveying, but that's a terrible way to describe classical music. Great classical music is equally engaging in the subdued sections, but like good horror it's the relationship of those peaks and troughs that make the entire piece memorable.

PT has an incredibly low ratio of jump scares for the medium, and it's all the more terrifying for it.

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They all seem viable but Hunter's the one for me. Double jump gets me where I want more reliably, throwing knives are situational but so satisfying to land, and a well-timed golden gun spree in Crucible is devastating. With a scout rifle + fusion rifle I can handle mid to long engagements, but be mobile and survive close quarters too.

And cloaks, of course. Love the cloaks.

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3:51 AM by oOoOO is getting hammered by me lately. It's only short, but goddamn it rolls deep.

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As a Battlefield fan, I can't see additional development time increasing my desire to play Hardline. It just doesn't seem like a very well conceived premise from the ground up.

That said, total props for them for identifying that a delay is necessary, rather than the 'beat CoD out the gate at all costs' mentality.

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Hey guys. I feel like I posted in this thread a year ago, but with minimal free time these days my commitment to learn Dota fell off hard.

With TI4 upon us, my excitement is back at peak level so it'd be fun to play with some other novices and share some TI4 hype.

I'm in Australia, so the latency and time zone aren't ideal for most of you. But anyway, I'm Gutterkisser on Steam.

Is there a thread dedicated to TI4 discussion/hype that I missed?