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They all seem viable but Hunter's the one for me. Double jump gets me where I want more reliably, throwing knives are situational but so satisfying to land, and a well-timed golden gun spree in Crucible is devastating. With a scout rifle + fusion rifle I can handle mid to long engagements, but be mobile and survive close quarters too.

And cloaks, of course. Love the cloaks.

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3:51 AM by oOoOO is getting hammered by me lately. It's only short, but goddamn it rolls deep.

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As a Battlefield fan, I can't see additional development time increasing my desire to play Hardline. It just doesn't seem like a very well conceived premise from the ground up.

That said, total props for them for identifying that a delay is necessary, rather than the 'beat CoD out the gate at all costs' mentality.

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Hey guys. I feel like I posted in this thread a year ago, but with minimal free time these days my commitment to learn Dota fell off hard.

With TI4 upon us, my excitement is back at peak level so it'd be fun to play with some other novices and share some TI4 hype.

I'm in Australia, so the latency and time zone aren't ideal for most of you. But anyway, I'm Gutterkisser on Steam.

Is there a thread dedicated to TI4 discussion/hype that I missed?

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@demoskinos: So true - but there was always a craft to his appreciation of stupidity that we can never hope to match.

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I hope I'm not being insensitive or going against the wishes of those close to him, but I wanted to share a moment with other fans and participate in this - even though I'm generally not fond of hash tags.

The last thing I want to do is trivialise the loss of him with dumb internet shit, but July 3 was devastating for me last year and it's now a date of significance. I totally respect those who don't think this is the date to mark though, or wish for him to be left in peace. Either way, we can surely agree the man remains in our thoughts, on this or any other day.

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This one's for you, Ryan. Miss you, you magnificent son of a bitch.

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Normally an up and over, but I'm not afraid to admit that times of laziness call for sitting. Right now, for instance.

Phone hygiene be damned.

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@themessibeast: It might seem a bit aimless, but Proteus is a great exploratory game. The world is procedurally generated and there's subtle narrative if you poke at the world. It's a pleasant place to just wander for a while.