Empire Total War is Ruined for right now

I was just five turns from victory with the Ottomans I autosave and go into another save with the  spainish I come back today to find that my spainish save overwrote my outtomans save

Wouldn't ya think creative assembly would put something in the save feature to prevent something like that from happening

I think I'm taking a break from that game for a long while that is fucking messed up


My Medieval II disastor

I was playing the Spainsh and had control of almost all of europe and the tip of africa. I had a small grasp of the holy land that I constently needed to keep an open supply line to. Long story short, the Timurds snuck up on me and cut my land line which was my main line because my navy was out to sea or holding off a scotish invasion. With my supplies crippled my troops in the holy land quickly evaporated and crumbled. The byizantines and the turks were the two major kingdoms left that I had to worry about and I was relived when the timurds attacked them instead of push west into more of my territory. I would of been fine if the mongols hadn't already been grinding down the byizantines and the turks. They broke through them before I had time to build up forts and defenses and started their push though spanish land at incredible speed. I think the game glitched at some point because the max troops the timurds could deploy was around 10000 fuckin troops at my cities. For those not fimilier with MII the max is about 2000 maybe. So I got to try and defend my giantic cities with about on average about 1000 troops. With my front broke I began plans of moving all troops, agents, generals and mercs to south america where I had  a small force.  I scorched the hell out of my earth and threw all my assassins at them to try to cripple them.  So now with my long campain done (like 300 turns) or about 40 hours of my life poured into my mighty empire. In about 2 hours I'm now a country with four cities two of which are rioting with about 700 troops defending all of them from apporching aztecs,  two generals, king and prince, one preist, one merchant and a spy. I've pretty much given up now because I just exited my game with all my cities under siege from thousands of aztecs, 20000 in debt and both my king and prince killed in battle. I shouldn't of put the game on the hardest settings because I'm seriously about ready to cry.


My awesome MMO Idea!

Ok, first blog since gamespot, deep breaths... alright I'm ready.
        About a year ago I posted  a forum post  of my awesome game idea. So I thought what the hell lets dig it up and revise it a bit. This is what I came up with,
Its a MMO game thats less of a mmo and more of a massive online world war that could be set in the present or near future. You'd create a soldier with an exstinsive character creatior like Saints Row or Mass effect. You pick your weapons, sex, race, body type, etc. Than your character would be sent to boot camp were you'd learn how to play. Than you would pick a Server then battle in an ongoing war that is always shifting and if one side wins the war resets and starts over with different maps. Battles would last 24 hours and would be dicided by objectives, kills and deaths. after the battle would end the frontlines would shift and one side would gain an advantage. Each battle would play like battlefield but with 200 players insted of 64.

If you played a vattlefield game you'd get what I mean. Battles last 24 hours each meaning that people across the world would ve able to play at comfortable times. Then the severs would shift the front and new matches would be started. I got some pm's from people when I originally wrote this so all reansewer them.

"Why would a player want to fight in a battle" There's not much else to do, this isn't an MMO style game because I feel that WOW style games lack focus that turn players off and just turn into jobs with the amount of pointless things they do to distract you from the fact that you don't contribute to worlds history.( do also understand that I've never played WOW and thus have an outsiders view) Battles are it and are the only way you grow and contribute.

"How big are the battles" Think of the biggest battlefield maps asthe smallest in the game.

"Could there be smaller maps to accomodate less players" No all of the map sizes would be predetermind with new maps added every once and a while. And each Sever is its own world so if a sever has less than ideal numbers new players would be incouraged to join the sever or the server would lump all the players in one battle to make sure even odds.

"What objectives would be avaiblible" Because battles would last all day objectives would have to be territoriy based like battlefield. defending and attacking would be teh name of teh game. Advancing would push back the enemys spawn. There could also be wildcards keeping players on their toes like paratrooping and bot renforcements to aid losing sides.

"What would be the consequences of losing or doing badly" I don't belive in punishing bad players. Winning and losing would shift the frontlines. Winning would result in access to new weapons and gear. But losing would give the losing side access to abilties to help turn the tide. losing would have no negative to individual players. If a player dies they wait a minite and get right back into the action. No friendly fire and grifers would suffer bans and punishment. Each player would spawn at random spots in their territories preventting spawn campping.

"What are the benifits of playing" All players are vasicly on lecel playing grounds in terms of health and damage. Players could use armour increase health but would take speed hits and wouldn't be able to carry as much ammo and rations. Basicly and player with the best weapons and armour wouldn't be anymore of a threat than a new player with basic weapons and armour. Because a headshots a headshot and skill and smarts will win every time.

"What would encourage people to keep playing" Skilled players would be encouraged to play more because they would hopfully be having fun with the game if they played that much. Newer players would still have fun because veteren and new players are on the same grounds.

" How would fighting go down" Because this game would be realistic most players would be on foot or driven to the fight  and a few players would be in tanks, jeeps,apc's and helicopters. soldiers on foot would have to use numbers and tactics to outsmart players in vehicles. Vehicles could run out of fuel, or be damaged from attacks rendering them useless.

" How would the game balance" Once again sides wouldn't be terribly uneven because soldiers are identical in terms of heath and damage skill is the deciding factor.

"logging in and out" When a player logs out their player goes into sleep mode which is basicly spectate that would hold your character until you returned to the game.

Just think if you could join a Server that would have it's own history and lore. Full of heroic victories were indivials could become legends and anyone could alter the outcome of a battle or an intire war letting people know that their actions mean something.
So I should probably wrap this up because it's like 2 in the morning. Feel free to comment and PM me if you have questions.