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I worked up the courage to put myself out there and I would appreciate it if you guys would give me some feedback, good or bad. I know they are pretty bad right now. :D the first episode

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Ok if you are interested in playing games with us pm me if you are here to get us to join your group, we aren't interested, if you are here to troll then just keep on doing what makes you happy. That's as clear as I can make it.

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So I'm guessing this will just become troll thread then. Gaming hub thing looks nice but that isn't what we are looking for we just came out of a big community and have no interest in anything past like 15 close friends.

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I'm not really sure what's going on did I instigate a rumble?

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@Rolyatkcinmai: lol uhh.. no thank you.

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@MordeaniisChaos: We play as seriously as the mission requires but occasionally someone might run someone over in a bike if it is the right time. Also we play everything that Arma 2 has available.

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My friend and I started a small group and we are hoping to make a few more friends. We have a causal Team speak channel and we play BF3, Arma, and Minecraft. If you are interested in joining a group of friends add me on steam user: GuttlessCashew and make sure you have a mic.

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Sometimes when I go to watch a video, it'll play for a few seconds and then abrutly end and show the watch it again screen  
I have Google Chrome on  
Win 7 64 bit

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anyone know some helpful sites for finding schools and info on stuff like that ? i need to start getting list of schools 
I live in Illinois if that matters 

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Cus I got one! never heard of this game before but I get sent keys for lots of beta's so I thought the GiantBomb community would like it. It looks like a multiplayer team fortress style game.
Rules are- first person to pm me message about why they want it in their best ye olde medevil speak wins  ex. wouldst thou givest me key? 
Have Fun!