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I'm surprised no one else commented on this - this totally works, like a classic Diablo dupe cheat. You can basically duplicate any melee weapon. You can't use it on guns since you can't throw them, and you can't use it on craft items. However, you CAN use it with deo-bombs and such, which is HUGE. You can easily clear out crowded areas indefinitely, provided you have the space to do so. Those blasts have a big radius and if it detonates your duped grenade, you'll die and lose the grenade. I believe it only works with your last grenade, so it helps to keep different kinds with you. It also helps to buy a big stock of deoderant and duct tape from the traders when they have it, since you will lose the grenade from time to time from bad timing, button press, or death. Just visit another workbench to build one.
You also never have to repair any weapon, just keep a fresh one with you and dupe it every time the durability gets low. Legendary weapons can naturally be duped as well, and with multiples you're able to have different mods on them. You can also make more money than you ever need by just selling duplicates.
Tell your lil bro it was a great find lol

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as much as I loved XI, it ran terribly on 360 and PC. probably will be even worse for Vita.

and from what I know, the people who play this game don't ever leave the house long enough to ever need a portable console.

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dat shit is balla