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Dragon Age: Inquisition. That's filling my time nicely.

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@incar: Sorry, it's been taken

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I have a spare Renegade Ops if anyone wants it.

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I've just finished it and I really enjoyed it.

Being an adventure game fan I didn't mind the style of puzzles in the game. What frustrated me was not being able to see things at first and spending ages looking for items.

I also thought the UI for using items was a little clunky.

However, I loved the style and look of the game. I thought it was very similar to The Swapper, which is no bad thing. I especially loved the menus and they way they would glitch. It's a very impressive looking game.

I'm really looking forward to future episodes.

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You can buy a steam key from Amazon for £28.

I ended up taking a risk on the retail disk because I got it for £23 from GAME (coupon code 'costumes' plus credit).

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I have some spare codes to give away to whomever wants them, they are all for the PS3 version.

UPlay Passport: MMMM-BENK-3C48

Benedict Arnold (60 minutes of singleplayer gameplay): LJE3-TGNR-M3HF

A Dangerous Secret (Singleplayer Mission "Sinking a Secret" and Pirate Flintlock Musket weapon): THN8-2ENT-HP7M

Hope someone gets some use out of these.

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@Twiggy199 said:

unlocked 2 achievements, pressed guide button, both times achievements weren't unlocked....weird.

Same thing happened to me and a friend of mine. I guess it's a common bug. Strange one.

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Requested: Guybrush86, will be playing on PC

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@phrosnite said:

Who's been waiting for Max Payne, again? I remember playing the 1st or 2nd in a gaming cafe. Liked it but didn't finish it...


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I just loaded the game up again, and it was sorted, pretty much. I can now equip things to either hand, it's still kinda weird though. The game gets confused with what hand you're trying to equip to.

The whole interface is kinda strange. Like, on that "cross" menu, which allows you do select Items, Magic, Skills... why is items on the right, but the item menu then opens on the left, and the magic option is one the left, but the magic menu opens on the right?