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Seen it twice. I love it.
Big Daddy and Hit Girl are incredible.
I felt that Nicolas Cage was back to his Face Off/Con Air/The Rock coolness, which was a joy for me.

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In UK it's only £3 more than the standard. So that seems like a dead cert to me.

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Yeah, I'm pretty sure. I got the disc (for 360) and it never asked about the original. I think it must be based on save data.

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When you say you got it for $35, was it on sale? I got the first when it was on sale for £25 and bought the expansion for the same price.
I don't have a problem with the price at all. If awakening is 20 odd hours then I think that's great value for money, better than most games. I mean sure technically I'm not getting the same value that I did from the first game, but I had already made a £15 saving in the first place.

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Is it just me or are some of the textures in this expansion really bad? I mean, I know Dragon Age isn't the best looking game and that the PC version is superior, but I don't remember textures being so bad in the original.
For example, the display suits of armour behind the armour merchant in the Keeps Courtyard; it's horrible. It looks like the texture is about to pop in but never does.
Other things that stood out are some characters weapons that you see close up while talking with them.
I suppose I could go back to the original to check, but was just curious to see if anyone else had thought the same.

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I saw the trilogy backwards, so that was kinda wierd, thanks Dad.

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Add something? Like what?

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I heard about this on the Destructoid podcast, it's really very interesting. 
I had thought before about having metrics on everything thing I did (like the way tracks the music I listen to) and now it seems that this is the way things could be going.
However after watching Jesse's presentation it could be much more invasive and worrying than I had thought.


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Best Jay and Bob Movie has to be Strike Back. 
Best Kevin Smith Movie I'd say is Clerks 2. 
My favourite Kevin Smith movie is Mallrats.