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@walterkovacsv said:
" This had better be the Turn off the dark game adaption! "
Nah, that'd be frustrating, you'd die every 10 minutes and fall out of the sky randomly. 
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Does the T-Shirt say "LA Noire T-Shirt" on it? I hope so. 
@Regal: What? Surely if there's stuff missing from the game it'll make your OCD friend explode, or go on some sort of rampage?  
I really don't like when companies do this. I know that most of the stuff will be rubbish and not really worth getting hung up about, but it's still not cool. 
I guess it's the retailer's idea. Rockstar has nothing to gain by doing this as it doesn't matter to them where people buy it. So I assume the retailers ask for exclusive content? In return for what, advertising? 
No, sir, I don't like it.   

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After playing the demo I feel conflicted. I like the improvements to the combat, especially the rogue - feels so fast and fluid. 
The main thing that is getting me down is the voice acting. I played as both male and female and I think I'll be continuing as a female in the full game. The males voice? I don't know what it is, I just can't take it. Maybe it doesn't fit the model, which I obviously could change (which I totally would do, what's up with that beard?), but, I don't know, it just doesn't sit well with me. The female voice, while not outstanding, is much more bearable.
Then there's the other characters; your brother, my gosh He.Is.So.Stilted.  The mother and sister aren't much better either. Who knows though? I remember really disliking Alistair's voice in DA:O in the beginning, but wound up really liking him.
As mentioned by @Geno the environments, at least in the demo areas, are very bland. (I'm also playing on 360, so will not look as nice as PC anyway). 
So, as I said, I'm not too impressed, however, I'm also not put off. I won't be cancelling my pre-order and am hoping for some more interesting characters to appear.

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Best Use of Digital Video Distortion 
2010 seemed a big year for it.

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Will it be because the keyboard can be used to play guitar or bass parts? This would mean that for some songs you would be essentially doubling up on an instrument. So you'd have to put it on AIM to get around this?
Just a theory.

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What does this even mean? 
It sound's like something Stephen Colbert would say.  
Did this bother anyone as much as me?

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I certainly liked it more than The Signal, but still didn't love it. 
I loved parts of it, like the Ferris Wheel and the lighthouse. But it's the combat, it just frustrates me. I think that The Writer was no where near as bad with bombarding you with enemies like The Signal, however there where times where I felt overwhelmed; it didn't help that I was trying to go for achievements too. 
As for the story, I felt unfulfilled and I am sorry that there probably won't be another game so we may never get to hear about "The Return". 
 Overall I feel conflicted, on one hand I was glad to play some more Alan Wake and was impressed with some of the set pieces. On the other hand, however, there were sections that I really did not enjoy and really put a downer on what could be my last experience with the game. 

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OK, I got him. I didn't notice you could climb on the banner. 
Still, pretty annoying

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What the hell is this!? 
I really don't see how I'm supposed to beat it. I can climb the ladders at the side of the room but when he jumps sometimes there is nowhere safe to be. 
Has anyone got any tips for this? 
This game is damn painful in spots.

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I've never really noticed the framerate dropping, but I do get short pauses while it's loading. I never remember the other games pausing like that.
I totally agree with you about the friendly AI, it's pretty bad.