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Not sure, I was following their site and watching those "teaser" videos, which I liked and got me pumped for a full song. Now after listing to their first single I'm not so sure anymore. Maybe it's just the song. I think it's too long and tedious. 
I dig her voice, and the sound is NIN to the max so I should like it, but I was expecting more.
I'm not gonna give up on them though, I will listen to the EP when it's out in the summer.

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"Well he's not having a cup of coffee!"

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I love Donnie Darko, but I think the Theatrical Version is much better than the Directors Cut. Directors Cut seemed too in your face with showing you pages of the book, I thought it was bad.
Watch the Theatrical Version with commentary by Richard Kelly and Jake Gyllenhaal, it's brilliant.

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It's also Treyarch, so no

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I'm still watching it, and it still has it's moments for me. However, I do think that if it had ended with the previous season (5) that would have been great. Sure, the start of this current season was interesting, but now it's just gone back to it's old formula, pretty much.

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@AdSapien said:
" Conviction is more like the good 24 than 24 is now. Notice that? "
Yeah! I thought that Sam was a lot like Jack Bauer a few times while playing.
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I thought the choice was redundant too, but I see it a little differently; I don't see why Sam would spare him, or why anyone would for that matter. Sam has been killing people for years most of whom did far less than what Reed had done.
Take Reeds goons for instance, he drops them without even thinking. Why would he even second guess killing the man who not only tried to kill the president but had also been the cause of Sam's pain for the last three years?
I did both actions, shooting him first, but it seemed to me that "sparing" him what the developers prefered; you get more dialog and Sam seems to more satisfied with that outcome.
As for the Co-Op ending, I thought that while the story was a bit obvious and cheesy, the actual gameplay was fantasic.

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Seen it twice. I love it.
Big Daddy and Hit Girl are incredible.
I felt that Nicolas Cage was back to his Face Off/Con Air/The Rock coolness, which was a joy for me.