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@teleri said:

When you think about what Egoraptor's opinions are when it comes to the Zelda series, they actually aren't very uncommon or even too unpopular in the 4chan community. They like AVGN, for the most part. Is it any wonder /v/ is almost unanimously against this Ego, and all the ready to crucify him as he asked?

/v/ is nintendogaf. All their opinions are discarded. And I don't know who this eceleb is. I'm a DSP "fan" myself.

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@alexgbro said:

it is not as strong as in the demo

Yep. It's dialed way back from what is in that original demo - the particle effects and physics are minimal and it's really no more impressive than what you've seen in 360/PS3 era open world games.


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Go go go Team Vinny!

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Yeah I've seen a can or two rolling around from the wind.


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The E3 demo had wind blowing trees and making cans roll on the ground (I won't post the comparison video here, lest I get banned for youtube spam). So does the final version have E3 wind, dynamic weather and lighting?

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Assuming they work from 9 am to 5pm everyday

Why would you assume that?

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....neogaf being investigative reporters.

Real sleuths.


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@anwar: wow that interview. I don't know whether I should feel sorry for the guy.

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@thunderslash: The aksys website magus banner looks even "better." High quality mspaint work.