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Adventure games had puzzles. Winning was solving the puzzle. Also in some adventure games you were able to die: In King's Quest 5 you died if you walked around the desert too long. (Is there a puzzle to solve in Gone Home? I haven't played the game.)


a game played by electronically manipulating images produced by a computer program on a monitor or other display.

A video game is a *game*.

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@shortbreadtom said:

@guyincognito: Well... it ends? Is that enough of a winning state?

EDIT: Maybe, I'm dense, but is this a clever joke?

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You actively interact with the world, which makes it a game in my book. Unlike a visual novel, where you are just making choices and reading text, your actions have an effect on the world.

To me interactivity isn't sufficient for something to be a "game." Just about anything on a computer is interactive (other than, say, screen savers). There have to be winning and losing conditions.

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Here's mchale vs dorito pope:

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I hope I understand: Patrick was saying "dont make fun of the xyz people because theyre (insert another veiled perhaps unintentional insult)."

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@bumpton said:

How come all the mediocre games get a shout out in the poll, but the ones that people seem to be enjoying (Dead Rising, Forza, Killer Instinct) are all left out? Just makes it seem like you're trying to be negative...

While I feel the hype is not as crazy as it was for the previous generation, the games look a lot stronger to me. And I think that's awesome.

Edit: Also, what the hell does the 3rd option even mean? Serious question.

Option two is "I'm having fun with a game I like."

3rd and 4th were joke options.