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@machofantastico: I think the expensive controller is a blunder. It adds nothing to most games and inflates the price unnecessarily.

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And Knack outsold Mario:

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"Sony's PlayStation 4 is the fastest-selling console in UK history, according to official sales figures.Chart-Track said PS4 beat the eight-year record help by Sony's PlayStation Portable, which launched in 2005 to the tune of 185,000 sales. PS4 beat Xbox One, which launched on 22nd November, and its predecessor PlayStation 3.Infinity Ward's Call of Duty: Ghosts returns to the top of the software chart. FIFA 14 drops to second "despite strong sales on PS4", Chart-Track said.Battlefield 4 is in at third. The best-selling PS4 exclusive was Killzone Shadow Fall, which debuted in fourth place - a position boosted by Guerrilla Games' shooter's place in official bundles.Assassin's Creed 4 drops one place to five. Lego Marvel Super Heroes holds fast in sixth. GTA 5 jumps to seventh. Sales of the PS4 version of Need for Speed: Rivals help Ghost Games' racer speed into eighth. Just Dance 2014 is ninth, and rounding out the top 10 is Batman: Arkham Oranges.PS4 exclusive Knack debuts at 13 ahead of Super Mario 3D World on Wii U at 14. Yes, Knack sold more than Mario."

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@coinmatze said:

I'm not that far into it. Trying to play a Witch specialized in pets. I'm level 12 now and not feeling it. The passives tree is gigantic but most skills are just percentage buffs. I've seen 2 interesting pet skills when I scrolled through last night and they are all at the far end, meaning I have at least 20 more levels and boring buffs to go. My spells are also pretty standard. I tried to vary my picks, but maybe I'm just unlucky. I know Diablo 3 got a lot of flack for being inflexible but at least every single skill did something totally different with secondary effects and all. I'll stick with it for a bit. If you want to try it out, hit me up if you want.

The skill tree is not the only part of the complexity in PoE. You also have the ability to combine skill gems in a myriad of ways.

Also, although a lot of the nodes are nothing special, part of the complexity is to optimize your build while getting to the interesting nodes.

@dacnomaniac said:

I currently have my head deep in Dota. But this has been catching my eye recently, and so how is it? Never played an ARPG before and wondered what the duders' opinions on the game were.

PoE is the best diablo-like ARPG, imho. (I finished D3 Inferno Diablo and thought character building was very primitive and boring in comparison).

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Hey, what's going on in this thread?

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@opus said:

@machofantastico: We can only speculate, but I think it's the same reason Sony reused the playstation eye for playstation move. They've spent all this money into developing the tech, so they can't bring themselves to completely cut the cord and abandon it.

I assume the mindset of the xbox one developers were along the lines of: "The Kinect was a great success, we already have the architecture established, just refine it and put it out there again!" It was likely one of the cheapest parts when they were developing the console, and some suits up in the corporate chain figured it would be great for profit margins if it was a mandatory purchase, to make sure it's put in as many homes as possible.

Wow, cynical. Maybe Microsoft just legitimately thought it was a good idea and a cool thing in general. Which hey, when it works, it totally is both of those things.

Some people seem to be having a lot more luck than others. I'd guess a lot of that is issues with accents, as some in this thread have already guessed.

How is talking to your TV cool?

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@thepair said:

500 GB is not enough, PS4 needs a TV input and a software to run it like the Xone (that was a strike of genius for microsoft)

On the contrary, xb one needs to shed its tv crap and become cheaper.