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  • Bayonetta
  • Super Meat Boy
  • Super Street Fighter IV
but i want to mention Enslaved, the game was "meh", but the characters/story were freakin' amazing to me. i find myself thinking back to it a lot.
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Juest got most of them! few i'd liked to add (some of these were personal favorites) and one i wish i could get rid of, Secret of Evermore, that game might have worst magic system ever created.
Lufia 2, Mega Man X, Harvest Moon, Soul Blazer, Earthbound, F-Zero, 7th Saga, Legend of the Mystical Ninja, Tetris Attack, U.N. Squadron 
but if you got only 1 game mentioned so far in this thread i hope its Secret of Mana! that game is superb and there hasn't been a remake on anything, i think ... maybe wonderswan?

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15. apparently, some woodland creature knows medical techniques to reverse decapitation.