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The Eiger Sanction. I wanna hear Jeff's reaction to Dragon.

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I know what Brad's playing on UPF

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I wish we lived in a world where you never had to write that Jeff, however you did and to me it was a great read that I truly hope will get through to people.

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Still looking forward to Routine.

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Games Journalism basically doesn't exist. What there is is a bunch of reviewers, critics, bloggers and transcribers.

Re-writing a press release doesn't make you a journalist.

Looking into what was going on at Crytek is journalism but that isn't prevalent in the gaming community.

Patrick Klepek is a rare breed and i'm happy to support the site he works at.

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I thought they were remastering 6 not 1! But it's based off the gamecube remaster... odd.

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@mb: It was linked on the gaf thread which is currently in a state of groundhogs day. couldn't help myself.

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Discovered this tonight, dunno if this got posted before so delete this is it has.

Here it is.

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If I didn't live in the UK I would be applying for that associate producer job in a fucking heartbeat.