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Just in case people have missed this there is a survey for the new BTTF game on the Telltale games blog.  
It's got some super interesting questions about the type of game it could be and what it will include.   

For example it includes. 

…November 5th, 2010. Working together, Teen Marty, Doc, and Present Day Marty finally corner the man who made off with Doc’s Time Train. While they argue about what to do with the well-intentioned time-hopper, a scary black vehicle appears out of nowhere. A familiar bulky presence steps out and confronts them. ‘Detective Tannen, Temporal Preservation Squadron.’ I’m afraid you’re all under arrest’… 
Now doesn't that sound interesting ;-)    

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Yeah it was a really good game. It as simple but effective. 

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i was 419 :-/ i dont know what i did :-/

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i though i had finished it but i hadnt :-(

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Anyone seen that challenger advert with george washington? 

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Really shoudn't have to pay to have cross game chat :-/

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ever since i saw this i've had the song suck in my head! lol

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I was wondering this early today as i signed up for my account :-/

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@Meowayne: " Ubi-Soft released a directors cut of the game. I was thrilled. I got to have new copy of Broken Sword, on an up to date console." 
Second last paragraph.
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@Meowayne: Yep that's why it's mentioned