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Discovered this tonight, dunno if this got posted before so delete this is it has.

Here it is.

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If I didn't live in the UK I would be applying for that associate producer job in a fucking heartbeat.

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This has probably been said already in this 300 comment thread but i'll repeat the points.

This has been a very turbulent time for Giant Bomb and while you think it be long forgotten history, it isn't. There are 3 things that have contributed to this. First they got bought by CBSi and still don't have a proper budget from them to expand. You can bitch and moan all your like but they are part of a huge corporation now. The cogs turn slower and GB is probably lower on the pile that other websites, simply cos it's newer, not necessarily cos of quality. Secondly, and this is an important point, in the last year Giant Bomb lost two members of staff from SF. One permanently. I always saw Ryan and Jeff like brothers. I can't imagine losing my best friend, so my heart still goes out to Jeff, as well as the rest of the GB crew. People have recently been on the Hire Danny kick. I agree he would be a great addition but it's not necessarily cos of him, but the additional voice. GB lost two people on UPF, that's two extra personalities to make jokes and bounce off. I've been watching xpantherx's videos recently and there is way more energy simply for having Ryan and Patrick there. Thirdly the Industry has been pretty fucking quiet this last year. The last generation dying and the new generation rising. So there aren't enough games. This is brought up during the summer months when no one is releasing games. Typically GB resorts to the vintage games, and this is how we got Windjammers remember. It's pretty fucking terrible that for the most part AAA games come out at the end of the year. This is why I think Rockstar puts games out in May cos they know people are starved, and lo and behold they sell millions. Luckily this end of year hurricane is spreading out but too slowly.

Personally It's £3 and change a month. Too me it's one less Big Mac. But if you don't think it's worth it, unsubscribe or just don't come to GB anymore. It's a luxury not a necessity.

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This is so sad, so shocking and utterly unbelievable.

I'll miss you Ryan.

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I just wanna know about a Warhammer 40k Space Marine Sequel!

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@FCDRandy: Yeah I'm writing a script for uni.

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I've given $100! this needs to be made or i will cry!

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I got it for cheap end of last year and i'm still playing it. super underrated.

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done it got it.