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No matter who won or who lost, the next one they should flip the order. Let Brad go first and do his thing then sit there and give Dan shit while he tries to figure it out.

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I got the game in the mail yesterday and played for about 6 hours. I was annoyed when I heard that everything was getting wiped for launch day but this completely changed my mind. I'm completely willing to start over now. I would do it just for the upgrade to resource slots alone.

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I have a couple movie posters hung up. Mostly frame and hang concert posters. Especially if they're city specific like what Pearl Jam does. I've found I'd rather have a nice framed poster of a particular show than a tour shirt I'll probably wear a few times and just hang up.

I mostly have signed blackhawks stuff hung up though.

Hoping I can snag some nice posters at the end of the month when I go see Pearl Jam, Springsteen, and Blink-182

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I really just want a decent podcast game besides destiny. Let me explore planets, fly around, and upgrade the ship/guns

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I use my n3DS on the train a lot when I go to Chicago, if I can get all of Nintendo's games on 1 platform that will allow me to play them on the train I'm in.

If they're focused on one console we could see "console" sized versions of Layton and the Mario RPGs.

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I hope if they do a SNES one that it is like the Genesis ones you can buy and lets you use carts for games not in the system. I already have the games on this list that I want to play on my 3DS so I can't really see myself getting one of these. I wouldn't complain if it was a gift but I don't imagine I'll run out and buy one

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Anyone pick up the Scott Hall documentary today? I saw the first look at a friend's place and wouldn't mind seeing the whole thing.

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96 mitsubishi eclipse in 2002. I wore the hell out of that car. Eventually I just sold it to a friend to use in a demo derby. After that I moved to a city where I didn't need a car for a few years. When I moved again, my parents talked me into getting a 2004 chevy cavalier.

The dealer told me it had one previous owner so I thought I was getting a good deal. Within a month the front end basically needed rewiring (the entire dash went out while I was driving), the driver side window stopped working, and the muffler fell out (it was held on with zip ties). It wasn't sold as is and I was given an inspection sheet saying that the car had been completely checked out when I bought it. The guy who sold it to me told me to tell my insurance company that it was sold as is on a voicemail. Took it into the dealership owner and played it for him along with all the paperwork. Guy who sold it to me lost all of his commission which went into fixing the car as well as having to pay the difference. I used to be good friends with the owner's grand daughter so he made sure it was completely taken care and even gave me tickets to a blackhawks game.

They had the car for over a month before I got it back. It was pretty much perfect. I drove off their lot, went straight to the next town and traded it in on a 2014 Dodge Dart. Paid $2,000 for the Cavalier and was given $6,000 as a trade in after all their work.

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@clockworktony: It will be a proper ppv so unless he's super early in the card, you'll need to order the PPV not just fight pass. Unless they've changed something recently and I've been missing HD streams of the PPVs.

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See you Space Cowboy