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@asteinhebel: I did forget it came with the demo! I got the game because I asked for Bushido Blade 2 for that Christmas and my parents saw a japanese cover and the word "blade" and assumed it was right. I still had fun with it though

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@bigsocrates: Man I loved Wild 9! I played that for months repeatedly. It was crazy fun.

I feel like I'm the only one who ever played Brave Fencer Musashi. It's never mentioned

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They couldn't have a video on the site of @danryckert enjoying a "weird" food

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I really wish it saved your preference to the profile. I hate logging in on my phone and it's white. I can't click back to black fast enough.

But having white there does let me know when I'm logged out and somehow miss the ads.

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This thread makes me wish the Gundam Wing Blu-rays were available in the US. No way would I pay $500 to import them.

I'm a huge MGS fan like Dan but I've never watched Cowboy Bebop. Should I grab the blu-ray when it comes out later this year? The only anime I've really taken the time to watch is Ghost in the Shell, GW, and parts of Evangelion

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Calling it now. Next year Alex and Dan recreate the Finger Poke of Doom

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I was thinking about it after the live stream last night, @brad always had the "EMAILS!" part of the show when Ryan and Jeff hosted. Why not give @jeff a similar bit with "BOMBCAST@giantbomb.com!"? Make the running joke of Brad forgetting to say it into a bit.

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I was hoping this was going to be like the street party after the first Big Live Live Show... just a camera set up with drunk Rorie singing. But I'll take this too!

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At least it's half price. If it was $60 I could seeing being frustrated.

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I wonder if that means they'll port over Saints Row 4 as well.

Kotaku is reporting that Saints Row 4: Re-Elected is coming the same day: Jan 27th and will be $30