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I was really hoping to see someone remake MG/MG 2 and/or MGS in the Fox Engine like he wanted. I wonder if he owns the rights to it or if that's konami's.

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@junkboy0: First I read you have a signed poster that's not just Kojima but also Shinkawa then you have to bring up Lunar 1 and 2... The jealousy is just too much right now

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@paulmako: I know the Sons of Liberty poster is from the players guide. I had the same one. I want to know where that MGS3 poster came from though. It's awesome.

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The only way I'm cool with this is if they remake MGS with the fox engine like Kojima wanted and someone high up on the game cares about it. Otherwise, I'll treat it like Rising.

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@redyoshi: The #1 think I'm looking forward to at Mania is Dan in the front row. He's reaction to stuff will be better than most of the show probably

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If they're accepting that tablets and smartphones are big in gaming, I would be ok with them doing a second screen type thing with the next system. Primarily to allow Wii U stuff to be backwards compatible.

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@flstyle: I thought Warrior wanted an award for the crew behind the scenes?

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@forteexe21: I want to say he tweeted that he won't be at east but is planning to go to prime

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@l33t_haxor: Ahh nice. I'll have to check them out. Those 2 and Link's Awakening are the only ones I never played. I just got LA from Club Nintendo. Do you have a suggestion on which to start with: Ages or Seasons? Or does it not matter?

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@junkboy0: I got one for free for buying ALBW. Do I need to play both at the same time or can they be played individually. I remember when they were released there was something about how the games interact with each other