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@corruptedevil: Ahh. The most I've seen of the game is the quick look (I think) so yeah.

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Wait he owns the PS3 version and decided to "try it before you buy it" with the PC version to the point that he finished the story with 2 characters? Seems like a worse excuse than the "I didn't want to leave my house" one

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Takes right at 40 minutes currently via bus. Driving is about 20.

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@helvetica: Like I said, watching him eat it put me off of it haha. He gained a ton of weight (obviously) but once he started playing football in jr high and high school it all came off. Eventually he burnt himself out on it and he can't stand it now either.

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@helvetica said:

I used to eat that same thing! I also used to eat dried cat food. I was quite the adventurous eater, which is why my parents had the poison control hotline taped next to the phone.

How much mayo did you use? My brother used at least 2 spoon fulls per side. It was like nearly an inch of mayo when he smashed it together.

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After growing up with a brother who would take 2 pieces of wonderbread and smear huge portions of mayo on as a "sandwich", I'm going to have to go with Ketchup.. but not on a hot dog.. ketchup has no fucking place on a hot dog

That said, Fuck Fries in general.

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After all of the stuff I've seen with the issues it's been having, I'd rather just use the money to buy a regular SNES for my games.

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I enjoyed Ys a lot. Takes a bit to get into but it was fun. I'm planning on playing through it again with a guide because I feel like I missed a lot of stuff. If you're willing to look at PSP games, look into Lunar: Silver Star Harmony. It was originally a Sega CD game that was ported to PS1 and then remade on PSP. I've probably played through the game 8 or 9 times between PS1, PSP, and Vita.

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Goddammit Scoops. If I bump into in the city somehow next weekend, I'm going to high five you, call you an asshole for making me misty-eyed at work, then I'll buy you a drink.

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@danryckert: That's all I was looking for. I think I'm more pumped to see what dumb shit you and Jeff do with WWE2k15 than I am for the actual game.