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@rapid: So if signed up for this would I be able to get the "pre-order" stuff on my copied account? Sorry, it's just a bit confusing.

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Please remove Heavy Rain, my 5 year old niece can write a more coherent story than David Cage.

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So can I sign into my account that I use on the PC for the PS4 version?

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While I am getting the PS4 at launch over the Xbone I can't help but notice that the Xbone has the best looking launch game. In my honest opinion, Ryse looks graphically superior to Killzone Shadow Fall. Amazing how Crytek still makes the best looking game even with the weaker console.

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Seems like all the good shit is sold out now, oh well.

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Say what you want about the design but after comparing the 2DS and a 3DS XL at a best buy and the screens look wayyy better on the 2DS. Because it's actually one screen technically the screen warmth is the same on both sides where as the 3ds xl looks off because one screen will have a different temperature than the other. Doesn't help that they use cheap reused smart phone screens on the 3ds xl.

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Man the only thing I can think of when looking at the title of this thread is how much Apple sucks. Apple is really a shitty company. Like for real. Utter shit. Vomit,shit and urine solidified into one company.

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Well I'd be more interested in it had the game actually worked properly. Between the server crashes, game crashes, and the memory leak issue that all of us lovely AMD 6000 series GPU users are having a blast with that makes it so you have to restart your whole system. I'd say im about 50/50 on that premium right now =).

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@verendus said:


Like Killzone 3 or Halo: Reach or Halo 4? Yup, no.

For the record, I am not saying KZ:SF will be disappointment, but while the visuals are stunning, it yet has to prove in gameplay.

Personally I'll be getting BF4 at launch, Killzone after christmas and won't get Call Of Duty at all.

Man those were some good games.

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