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$2,493.49 USD for me.

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obviously I'm not saying that I'm a virgin

Why is that obvious?

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This news has floored me, so sad.

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That's pretty accurate; the second video that is.

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@Demoskinos: It actually pretty good, a 113Mb download though.

@believer258 said:

So... load times. Could you tell me if, say, loading up the Quickplay menu is any faster, or does it still take forever?

Seems pretty quick to me, but since you can pin games now; you might want to use that feature instead?

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@volcane2004: Now that's an idea!

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So I am currently running the new dashboard and have tested out Internet Explorer which works surprisingly well.

However, I tried watching a video on Giant Bomb and the 360 said it requires at least Flash v9.

With no way to actually install flash plug-ins, the only alternative is HTML5.

Will Giant Bomb accommodate this by making all their HTML5 content subscription-free or will everyone just have to subscribe to get access to GB videos on their 360?

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You are totally insane! Can't you see that she's right!?!

Also the black dots in your eyes taste funny!

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Alex Kidd in Miracle World; Killed by a Ghost in a block with a question mark.

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@Strife777: @Strife777 said:

@Dagbiker said:


@Marz said:

I'd consider 9/11 worse (mostly civilians died), Pearl Harbor was at least against a legitimate military target.

Yeah basically that. Don't get me wrong, a human loss is a human loss, but people in the military know the risks (especially in WW2), they are at war.

And if we start having a holiday for every significant event in history, it just won't end.

We wernt at war until after pearl harbor

True, my apologies for that mistake. But my point still stands, considering the war was on-going and it was probably just a matter of time before America got involved in it, by their own volition or not.

Don't you guys remember Cole Phelps explaining that the US were blocking fuel depots, which instigated Japan to attack?

Also how many of you remember the bombings of Darwin, Australia in WW2? Not many I guess...

More bombs were dropped here than Pearl Harbor, heck it was bombed another 58 times over the years of 1942-1943. Australia don't have a public holiday for this specific event, they have ANZAC day for veterans across all of WW2.

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