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I'll just say that I didn't hate the original ending, but I totally understood the backlash that resulted from it. My only problem with the ending was that it was too open-ended... Was it the end of the universe? Was your crew permanently stranded on that planet? Were the millions of Citadel residents suddenly killed when it exploded? I just found it didn't have enough closure, especially for the finale in a trilogy. Fortunately, the extended cut DLC answered a lot of the questions I have, and now I have a better idea of where BioWare might take the universe for its next entry, which is really all I ever wanted.

My other only complaint with the game was the whole Return to Earth chapter, right before the finale. After spending the last 30 hours accumulating war assets and going off the beaten path to gather as many people as I could, I was really hoping my efforts would have paid off in some tangible form, rather than just be represented by a number and green meter on a computer screen. As a result of my choices, I would've liked to have seen geth fighting alongside the quarians, or turian ships performing airstrikes, or team up with a group of elcor in an assault. Anything that would've said, "here, this is your bonus for going on that side quest and getting those extra war assets."

Other than that, it was a fantastic experience, and is still probably the best game I've played all year.

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Late to the party on this one, but I'm curious if there have been any bombcasts, videos, or blog posts where the staff members discuss their opinions on the original ME3 ending.

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In no particular order...

01.) Syndicate

02.) SSX

03.) Mass Effect 3

04.) Max Payne 3

05.) Halo 4

06.) Assassin's Creed 3 (?)

07.) The Last of Us (?)

08.) The Last Guardian (???)

09.) Borderlands 2

10.) Darksiders 2

Plus about 20 other games that I have on my radar, but these 10 would have to be my most anticipated.

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I own an Xbox 360 and I'm looking to purchase a fighting stick and a racing wheel for my system... Any suggestions as to what brand or model I should go with?

Fighters I play include Street Fighter, Marvel vs. Capcom, Tekken, Soul Calibur, Mortal Kombat, and Dead or Alive.

Racers I play include Forza and Shift.

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I've only played up to wave 10 with a bunch of random kids... I'm looking to get a couple of my friends together and hammering out all 50 waves sometime this weekend... It wasn't hard at all in Gears 2, but from what I'm hearing, it's much more challenging in this game.

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Pretty cool.

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Garrus and Wrex... Those two were my best squad members in ME1 and it would be awesome to team up with them again for the final fight.

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@Vinny_Says said:

So I'm the only one who hated every minute of shivering isles? Also the main quest was a pain to finish, Oblivion is all about the sidequests and the world, really great game despite that.

Yeah, I was not a fan of Shivering Isles... It was cool at first, but I quickly started to miss the atmosphere of the main world. And as for the main quest, I'm glad I banged that out first before delving into the factions and side quests which is where I got my real enjoyment from Oblivion... Can't wait to play through the Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim.

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Final Fantasy XIII... I really enjoyed that game but had to put it down about 6 hours in to drive to Rome and find a flight back to the US (I was studying in London that semester when the Icelandic volcano shut down all air travel there, and the sub-let on our apartment was up)... Once I got back to the US, I started working, playing Red Dead Redemption, and never got a chance to pick up FFXIII where I left off... It's a shame because after seeing all these trailers for XIII-2 I really want to dive back into it, but sadly I do not have the time.

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I did, got it for Christmas in 2001 with Halo... Spent the next four years playing the crap out of Tom Clancy and BioWare games on it.

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