PlayStation 2 Collection

My dad and I went to a Target in October 2000 to pick up Majora's Mask and The World Is Not Enough on the N64. At the time, the store had been hyping up the release of the PS2 here in the US, and were giving one away in a raffle. We bought up a bunch of tickets and a few weeks later we realized we had won the system along with two games of our choice. I went with Summoner because it looked like a Zelda and Final Fantasy hybrid, while my dad went with Midnight Club because it took place in New York City (funny how our priorities worked before we consulted sites like Giant Bomb to know what games were good or not).

Anyway, that was the start of my PS2 fandom. Until the release of the Xbox 360 at the end of 2005, it was my go-to system. Unless a game was exclusive to or significantly better on another platform, I got it on PS2. I had more games for it than any other console, until recently when my 360 collection managed to exceed that.

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