Xbox Collection

I got my Xbox for Christmas in 2001 along with a copy of Halo. I was in seventh grade at the time and it was one of those periods where you were "cool" if your parents let you play GTA3. While my parents weren't crazy about that game, it didn't bother me so much because I had HALO. I spent a lot of time playing slayer in Halo as I did playing deathmatch in GoldenEye from 4 years before. Once the co-op legendary playthroughs and 16-player LAN matches grew tiresome, my Xbox mainly served as the powerhouse that churned out a few cool exclusive games each year like KOTOR and Ninja Gaiden. While I didn't have a ton of games for this console compared to my PS2, some of my favorite games from that generation were played on my Xbox, and it was definitely an important factor that led me to choosing an Xbox 360 over a PS3 for the next generation.

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