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I didn't think the AI was that bad I felt more like the play style exposed the bad AI. People bring up ME2 for the facial; well the AI in that game was awful but you never noticed because you mow down enemies as soon as you saw them and barely used your squad.

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Borderlands works as a multiplayer game because its fundamentally Diablo: The FPS. The way that ES is set up doesn't lend itself well to co-op, there are rarely groups of enemies that would require a group to take on, or properly built gameplay environments. If its an MMO that would tickle one's fancy, what attachment does the ES series offer? Its not like the lore is super fabulous, you could go to one of the other generic fantasy MMOs available. I'm not against the idea of a ES experience, but why would anyone want it?
That could be easily fixed by Bethesda.  They could just increase the number of enemies or difficulty of enemies when you're playing co-op.  However, it would feel tacked on and not worth playing since, like you said, the gameplay isn't designed to have 2 players fighting together. 
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It got stale a lot quicker then I expected.  Probably because I've played other blizzard RTS's so much.  Now I'm trying to get back into it and I don't feel like investing that much time to learn how to play again.

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"Howard noted that the eight original character attributes from previous Elder Scrolls games have been condensed into three: magica, health, and stamina."
This is exactly what I did not want, it is too simplified. R.I.P Bethesda"
...but when so many of the old attributes in these games are hard to discern from one another, does it really hurt the overall experience that much.

Sacrificing number-crunching for some honest-to-god gameplay is hardly a sin.

I will be buying Skyrim.
If you considered leveling up in the originals "number crunching" you've got some issues to sort out.  
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You just have to get comfortable cooking.  Buy a cookbook and start by following that to a T.  Eventually you'll know how to make all the basics off the top of your head, from there you can make anything. 

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For the uninitiated, what kind of game is Dungeon Siege 3? I've heard surprisingly little about it.
For good reason, at least based on the previous 2.  It's an action RPG.  Idk if he was the lead on this one, but Chris Taylor created the series.  Along with Demigod and Space Siege.   Not the most impressive resume this decade for him. 
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@Raineko said:
I don't get why people keep saying Duke's jokes are bad. How old are you? 10? The Duke always said these jokes and catchphrases wtf did you expect when you bought it?
No but most people were 10 when Duke 3D launched, now they're much older.
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Their old-school PC games were great.  They kind of suck now, though.
Play DA:O, it is a lot like the BG series. 
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I think the game is optimized well enough so that it could very well be a good port over to the console sphere.  
I like it done this way though, PC to Console always seems so much more natural.
Well optimized? Are you serious?  I'm not sure you know what optimization means.
How is it not?  I've never played it but people are running this on pretty weak hardware.  
I was talking more about the fact that you can have a super-computer and it will still stutter, no matter what you do. People have tried uninstalling certain drivers and other sort of crap, but it still runs nastily on Ultra, on just about any powerful computer - while another segment of the population gets problems with constant crashing. 
Oh ok.  Well in that guys defense a lot of that just seems like poor optimization due to them being a small dev making an ambitious PC game.  If they ported it to Xbox it would be easier for them to get it running smoothly on the dedicated hardware.  
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You could say the same about people who are religious, political, sports fans, music fans...anything and everything that someone would defend their beliefs or defend their purchase over. There are very few who are able to shrug off petty offenses. You always have the choice to be offended or not. You could say the same about the opposite as well, the hate for particular interests. Hate can be legitimate, but most is not. Until society as a whole practice self-control and calmly debate, f-boys grow up to be f-adults.
Good point.  Didn't even think of how defensive people are in general.  It's like everyone has to be a total fanatic for even stuff like politics, rabidly defending one party of the other like it is a sports team.