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@themangalist: Yup, he's still at Gamespot from those days. Justin Calvert and Ryan McDonald are still there as well. Would love to see any of those veterans show up on GB content. In fact, I'm super surprised that they haven't shown since the CBSi acquisition.

Edit - I actually really enjoyed seeing Chris Watters host that one episode of the GB+GS Wednesday live show alongside Ryan. I've always enjoyed Chris Watters on the Gamespot stuff that I've watched.

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Am I too late to get in on this?!

Canton, MI USA

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I think the conferences this year are going to be really exciting. With all the consoles out now, this year should hopefully be all about games.Stuff that was probably too rough to show last year should be in a better shape this year and I'm hoping/expecting there to be quite a few unannounced titles as well. I'm super pumped for E3!!

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$65,000,000 is my guess.

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D LEAZY got ROBBED, son!! That was some garbage!!

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As expected, it was absolutely AMAZING! Crazy stuff happened! This has to be a thing from now on, right? It has to keep going con after con in at least some capacity, right?

For those that missed it, the archive isn't up on Twitch yet, but I'm sure it'll show up here soon-ish(hopefully?).

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Just got done watching the panel. Oh. My. God. Was that real life?! Did that really happen?! I don't even know what to expect from tomorrow's actual Rumble. Complete insanity!!

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I first read the title as, "These N64 Royal Rumble Porno videos are great!"

Please tell me there are N64 Royal Rumble Porno videos.

God, now I want this to be real!! I'm sorry for building you up and breaking you down like that.

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@mosespippy: I'm not even sure if what I just saw is real or not!

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Speaking of these great promos, is the panel going to be streamed and if so, what time?

Yeah, it'll be on Sunday at 10:30am EST(I believe) on the PAX2 twitch page. It should be on the giant bomb chat page as well.

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I know at least Rich Gallup has made a promo and sent it over to the Harmonix guys. I can only hope there are many, many more that will come to light over the next few days.