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i dont see why amd builds are frowned upon. i planned to build the besr rig i can for around the thousand dollar mark, and this is what i came up with. going with intel/nvidia is stupid expensive when i can go wih amd/ati and get around the same performance for way less scratch.

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gav47 - 1080p

believer258 - thats exactly what i planned to do with that ssd, and use the two hds in RAID to fileswap/fetch

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is 128gb not enough? i was hoping to keep the cost right around the thousand dollar mark

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going to get two of the WD hd's, and RAID 'em, also going to get a couple more case fans, maybe three or four. planned on using this PC to run games I cant get on consoles or more specifically, games optimized for PC(Battlefield, Rage, Witcher, etc.) and multitasking. probably going to get windows 7 and just wait for SP2 than get Windows 8 in the fall.

let me know what ya think

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LLA Cozza Riot

fuck it, add me

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Deus Ex is awesome

DA2 is on the same level as the first, i think

I don't believe that this year has been bad for sequels, per se, but I think that the media/community hypes up games a bit too much, and that's a given at this point. Pretty much every single sequel that has come out this year has met commercial and critical success, which is really all that matters.

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I looked into each and every one of your suggestions...and maybe I should have been more specific, but for this build I was trying to not exceed $1000. I was planning on gaming, however, the only new benchmark game I was planning on playing on PC was Rage(I have BF3 on 360, none of my friends have a PC that can run it), Crysis(Again, I have 2 on 360) and The Witcher 1 & 2.

I have made some changes, and I would ask again if you guys like what you see(for the cost, that is)








I just swapped out the PSU, Mobo, HD & RAM...and for how "cheap" this build is, it will do what I need it to and then some.

Again, thanks for the imput guys, much appreciated.

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Thanks for the tips guys, very helpful

though i have a question about the FX chip...a lot of the reviews on Newegg(from people who have the chip, probably) ahve said that it is a really great chip, and that it is a def buy. I am not trying to spend over a grand for a setup, that is the main reason i chose AMD over Intel, and for the fact that my friend's computer is running a quad core Phenom, and he swears by it.

i will post the changes to my setup after I get home from work, if you guys could look at the changes I made again, I would be grateful.

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Really? Because the chip I am looking to use has equal or greater performance than a Sandy Bridge at a fraction of the cost? Also pretty sure the setup I posted can run BF3 and Rage at max or close to it. At the same price point on the guide, it suggests I can run BC2 and Assassin's Creed 2/Brotherhood. Also,. thanks for helping a brother out.