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I accidentally created the Korx as a character. They are a species and should be a concept. Not sure how to do that, though.

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Hello, another relatively new BlazBlue fan here. I picked up Calamity Trigger a few months ago and loved it so much that I returned the game the next day and purchased Continuum Shift Extend (since it also contains a redone Calamity Trigger storyline, so I figured I wasn't missing too much). I love the game to death, and I'm pretty excited to here about Chronophantasma. My only complaints are about the new characters... I don't like the designs much and I would have much preferred to see Kokonoe and Jubei. I'll probably end up being surprised and loving them, though.

Oh, my other complaint is Noel's redesign. Her beret was cute, lol.

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Necro-bump, I know, but I'm going to have to disagree with you, Little_Socrates. SC has a lot of depth, though few people bother to dig into it. I play Tekken, Soul Calibur, Street Fighter, MvC, BlazBlue, and also VF from time to time. I don't feel SC is lacking in combat depth at all. What do other fighters have that SC doesn't?

In response to the actual blog post, I agree with a lot of it. Especially the bit about the poorly presented story and the lack of offline modes. :/ But it's still my favorite fighter on the market, despite these complaints.

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Ivy's still good, far from being "gimped". The same goes for Mits. I don't really see why the loss of a few moves/stances matters so much. They include a lot of new moves and mechanics that more than makes up for, in my opinion. Though admittedly, as a Raphael player since SoulCalibur 2, I'm used to my character being radically different every game.

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If you really like Viola, you should stick with her. I think she's really fun to play as and I like comboing with the orb, it's a blast.

I play as Raphael mostly, as always. But I like Siegfried, Natsu, Leixia, Hilde, and Viola a lot too.

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I'm a fellow Raphael player. Good choice, sir! :)

Yoshimitsu, Talim, and Siegfried are some of my other favorites. Can't wait to try them out (barring Talim most likely, sad face) in the new game.

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Cannot wait for SCV, my favorite game series is back! :D

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Props for the Madmartigan reference. Willow is such a great movie.

On topic, I want to try this game, but I'm waiting for the price to drop a bit. And Dungeon Siege III is doing a good job of holding my interest in this genre for now.

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I wanted another couch co-op game to play with my brother like back in the old days with Dark Alliance and Champions. I had to decide between War in the North and Dungeon Siege III. I ended up going with the latter, but I am still interested in War in the North (mostly because it's LOTR). How does it stack up to Dungeon Siege III in your opinion?

I'm loving Dungeon Siege, by the way.

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A lot of older characters from my youngin' days.  
The biggest one that jumps out at me would be Tails, even more than Sonic. I always played as Tails when me and my brother played the old Sonics on 2player so I always loved the character. In the new games he's horrible, though. 
Also, I like SC II, III, and IV. It's hard for to decide which is my favorite, as there are things I think each game did best.