Games that need sequels

A list of games I've thoroughly enjoyed and think deserve sequels.

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I'd say SWTOR is probably better than you're saying, but still has a lot of those elements. Thing is, all the work that went into SWTOR they could maybe graft, at least in part, into maybe a SERIES of stand-alone games, but I highly doubt that could happen. And it also feels a bit more like you're on a track. I never felt like I was doing the wrong thing in KOTOR, and the game wouldn't get too difficult if I tried to do things out of order. In SWTOR there is an order to things, and if you try to defy it, say take your companion quest before you're the right level, and you're a smear.

Jade Empire, I whole-heartedly agree. I just hope they manage to iron out a fun combat setup, since as much as I enjoyed kicking butt, I think it was a bit too easy to spam attacks. Actually, one way I found to make the difficulty more interesting was to NEVER use gems at all. Just upgrade fighting styles. It worked really well.

Gladius is probably one of the best games I played on the old XBox, and at the VERY LEAST deserves a PC release, if not something more. That game was WAY under-exposed, and it had heart.

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Thank you for the recommendation and comment.

True, I may not be being entirely fair towards TOR, but I have found little to no fun at MMO's and am loathe to see one of my favorite series scrapped in favor of an MMO. I wouldn't mind TOR, as long as they continue the actual KOTOR series as well, but I find that pretty doubtful at this point. There was so much more to tell in the story, and TOR is placed a couple thousand years after (if I remember correctly), so there is still room for both games.

Yes, Jade Empire is one of my favorites, but the combat system was a little too simple. I've never tried not using gems, that's an interesting idea. I actually did have a pretty hard time of it, though, when I played through as a character who only used magic to fight.

Always a pleasure to meet another Gladius fan. It was very under-exposed. Almost everyone I've seen who has played it loved it, but not too many played it, unfortunately. :/