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Finally, some changes to the formula. 0

As an NFL fan and a gamer, I've purchased just about every other release of Madden just to have an updated roster and slightly improved gameplay/graphics. Needless to say, I've never been very impressed with a new release of Madden. It's always the same game year in and year out. This year, though, EA Sports has finally made some changes to the formula.The new Connected Careers mode steals the spotlight. It serves as a replacement for both the Franchise mode and Superstar mode that was present i...

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This is a great year for fighting game fans. 0

IntroductionBefore I begin, let me introduce myself a bit. I've been a gamer since Street Fighter 2, and although I play all sorts of games, fighting games still are (and likely always will be) my favorites.My history with SoulCalibur starts just a few years ago. I had been a Tekken player for around a decade, but had never had a chance to try Namco's other staple fighter. While over at a friend's house, I finally got a chance to play SoulCalibur II. I immediately fell in love with the game and ...

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Roleplaying and strategy collide 2

Introduction First off, if you've never played a Romance of the Three Kingdoms (I'll abbreviate it RTK from here on in because I'm lazy) game before, I'll explain what they are.  The RTK series is based on the historical novel of the same name. It is loosely based on the fall of the Han dynasty in ancient China and the story of the warlords who sought to fill the power vacuum in its wake. It makes for a good premise for a game, which is probably why I'm sitting here reviewing the TENTH game in t...

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