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Beer is for enjoyment and social drinking, not for getting drunk. If you don't enjoy the taste of it, that's totally cool; it's no different than a person's tastes in food. Still, I'd recommend trying Sam Adams, Sapporo, and Blue Moon before writing off beer as a whole.

If you want to get drunk, you can always mix in some beer, but hard liquor's what's going to do the trick.

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@the_reflection: I hate to respond to this a week later, but the OP of this thread was the OP of the reddit thread. He was just trying to spread the discussion to Giant Bomb.

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At the moment, I have only two tabs open. Typically, I have three to five tabs open, while I typically max out at around seven to ten.

I couldn't imagine being able to handle 25+ tabs...

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Another pointless thread has been brought back by someone with a low forum post total. Shocking!

For me, it depends on where I am. In public? Yeah, I'll flush it down. At my own toilet? I'll probably get in 2 or 3 before I decide to clear up the water.

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Anyway Dr. Pepper is awesome and is pretty much the god of all sodas

Agreed, Dr. Pepper is probably my favorite soda.

As far as Mr. Pibb and Pibb Extra go, they're not nearly as bad as everyone in this thread says (in my opinion, at least), but they're not that great either.

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It practically blew out my eardrums the other day (I was using headphones).

It's really weird setting the volume near its minimum level and still hearing it loud and clear...

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@kaiserreich said:




obviously those first two are extremely NSFW.

Also, the reddit userbase threw a hissy-fit when they took down some child pornography subreddits claiming it was a violation of "free speech."

I think we all have our answer now. This thread is finished.

As a redditor, I can confirm that such boards are absolutely deplorable. Unfortunately, there are a lot of smaller subreddits--and most of the defaults--that ruin the fun for everyone else on the site; while the boards listed above, /r/cringe's community (the content itself's not too bad, actually), /r/Atheism, and several other subreddits are pure cancer, others are great and appeal to whichever interests you have. Honestly, I kind of wish boards like the ones kaiserreich listed could be taken down, but since they can't, we might as well try to ignore them and go on our way.

As far as the decreasing age of redditors and the constant circlejerkery, this is all true... On defaults. As is the case with any internet community, the bigger the community, the more prone it is to younger members, immaturity, close-mindedness, circlejerkery, etc. This is MUCH better with smaller boards, though.

Admittedly, the karma system is a bit of a mess that focuses more on the user's popularity with the post than the content within. Fortunately, some subreddits have begun hiding comment karma (the real problem here) for at least an hour, preventing people from bandwagon voting. Boards that don't have this issue typically don't get as much into the popularity of the post (not always true, but still).

TL;DR: Reddit's definitely got problems and I understand why outsiders hate it so much, but most of these problems lie in the bigger groups. As for the others... well, no site's perfect, I guess.

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I would go with any of the following songs. They're all pretty easy and not too impressive, but they're still great songs and not a total drag to play (especially if you also sing).

The Oasis song's lyrics content is a little bitter, so that one's also pretty sketchy. As for the Yuck song (disclaimer: the video's tastefully NSFW), a lot of other tracks from that album could work as well. AND The chillness of the Neutral Milk Hotel track depends on how you perform it, really. Of course, I have no comment on the QOTSA and the Sublime song; they're unconditionally chill.

Sorry, I don't listen to many chill (guitar-wise) bands

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I'd either go with the Cars movies or any direct-to-DVD sequel (too hard to pick, really)

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Definitely into the idea of making another one of these (also, if we make one, maybe I'll actually get to contribute this time)