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Don't worry six months after the game comes out for XBOX One it will come out for PS4 and PC as a Game of the Year Edition or something. This is the gaming industry, they like money more than ANYTHING ELSE. Would be a waste not to get the most out of their product.

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Problem is that EA isn't exactly throwing out games like Ubi or Activision are. I doubt that your going to see any vault titles beyond the beta that aren't sports games. EA just doesn't have enough on the docket, that they can start giving stuff away for $30 a year or $5 a month.

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The way the system was explained on the alpha site was that groups were like forums but clans were what you were actually using in the game. But that could change I guess. I'm assuming there will be a beta site once the beta starts to handle all that stuff.

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I love how Madcatz is announcing all of these sticks for JP only. Like we don't have these games or next gen consoles.

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So I just joined as well. I'm Devilsalias for PSN. Bungie name is DeathGorilla. Don't know which one shows. Also requested an invite from VinnCo cause that's still there. The Alpha site seems to be down so, maybe we did all that for nothing. Don't know...

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I think they are all great to play. I was having fun with each one. But I think that at higher levels this may change. At this stage it seems like most of the trees are VERY similar. But probably by the time we hit level 10-20, this will change. Or at least this is my guess. But as of the Alpha I've enjoyed my time with all three. I can't say as I have a favorite. After the Beta, I would imagine this will change a lot. And when the Beta starts I'm creating a Warlock first. So theirs that. LOL!

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OK guys, go here:https://alpha.bungie.net/#context=profile then sign in with your bungie junk. Then you will see on the left hand side of the screen a bar. There you want to go into clans or groups and search for


Then just ask to join. Might want to drop a line here. In case our benevolent overlord doesn't recognize u.

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Just asked for an approval. I'm DevilsAlias.. Sounds like fun man.

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OK Jeff,

Now can u do something about bringing Phantom Dust back? ;)

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Yeah, I think that is the PS4's way of telling you the disc is dirty. Because mine did that too until I cleaned the disc.