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OK Jeff,

Now can u do something about bringing Phantom Dust back? ;)

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Yeah, I think that is the PS4's way of telling you the disc is dirty. Because mine did that too until I cleaned the disc.

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PSN: Devilsalias

Timezone: Central

Games: Battlefield 4, Need for Speed Rivals, AC4, also on PS3 so there's that.... Lol...

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This is awful. My thoughts and prayers are with Ryan's family the Giant Bomb crew, I have no more words...

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As has all ready been mentioned; I think all this means is that they have something new planned. Either games that need to all ways be online or microtransactions or something of the like. They have had online passes for more than three years now and just NOW, they have decided it wasn't working. Just seems too convenient that we are heading into a new console cycle. Also, there is a "chance" that the new generation of console games will cost $99.99. Don't tell anyone you heard that from me....

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I'm sorry this wasn't the publisher we were looking for....

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Next up Microsoft All Stars!

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I've been really pondering this new console cycle. I'm sure there will be good exclusives and probably have some other hidden, unrevealed thing that will make one of them cool. But is that enough? I guess time and games will tell; but without exclusives for XBOX and Playstation; I'm a PC fan all the way. Even if the new consoles have comparable graphics to modern PCs. All we have to do is buy new video cards. I think this 7 year console cycle was the biggest mistake the industry has EVER made.

I will probably keep my current consoles for at least another year. I have a lot of games to catch up on and all the fighting games I play regularly are only on console. But after that, it will be up to Sony and Microsoft to sell me on something new. Kinect, Move, and apps are not going to do it. If the graphics and games aren't there... Then I'll just use my console money to buy a new graphics card and be about my business.

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Cool, I'm glad someone knows, the Capcom blog is down and no one seems to have patch notes.

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Hey Piper, without a doubt!