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I think there have been some great games this year. But I think some of our disappointments have overshadowed them. I can't say this will go down as my favorite year for games. But it wasn't a disaster or anything. Besides 2015 in the first couple months looks to be showing signs of maybe being the best year we have had in a while. So atleast there is that...

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The Crew is currently having a beta on both XBOX ONE and PS4. I've played about an hour of it so far. Not impressed, seems like Need for Speed with a little bit better graphics and more arcadey handling. Not interested...

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Haven't touched multiplayer yet, but will soon enough.

PS4: Devilsalias

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Thanks for putting this together.

Looks like most of the current gen game deals are pretty lame. Probably should wait til Christmas or right after; hopefully they will get better then. I think they are trying to take advantage of people buying new consoles this holiday season.

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Well there is just a thing as Google Hangouts. I'm guessing that might ACTUALLY be how they "Getting together."

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GT: HadesTimer

Up for whateves. Don't have too many achieves yet, so I'm down...

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Awesome, I will..

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CD Projekt is one ofthe coolest developers out there. This is just another reason why.

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I echo Markiel. I think there is definitely something to be gained by rebooting the Old Republic series.