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Gonna say Mortal Kombat X and Batman. I will probably pick up most of the other stuff when the prices drop.

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A friend of mine got an early copy and we played through it yesterday. It is a beautiful game that plays like a terrible third person shooter from 5 years ago. Don't buy it. It is not worth $60. The game is 7 hours long at best. If you REALLY want it, wait until there is a price drop.

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I've got it in two flavors:

XBOX: Hadestimer

PS4: Devilsalias

Go ahead and shoot me a friend request. I especially need peeps on PS4. Because not many of my current friends bought the game.

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Currently have a last gen Turtle Beach. It kind of sucks, but it was pretty cheap and so far it's held up. I've had it for around 2 years.

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Just saw Gone Girl. Better than I expected 4/5.

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At level 10, you can do strikes and you can do the crucible as well. Make sure to take the bounties and you will level up in no time. Once you get to around level 20 or so you can start doing the Strike playlists those are matchmade, so if you don't have any friends playing the game you can play those. But I recommend joining a Guild like Lincoln Force and playing with other duders. Trying to find randoms in this game to play story missions is pointless.

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Never raided.

PSN: Devilsalias

Warlock Level 29

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There are a lot of misconceptions about Evolve(apparently). In the full game you can play in a solo campaign as any of the hunters you've unlocked or the monster. Also, these Hunters they are selling, through DLC is simply an unlock. You can play through the game and unlock these hunters and monsters or you can buy them. The final monster, Behemoth, is the ONLY monster that you cannot currently unlock through regular gameplay. But he IS a DLC character and won't be out until sometime in March. IF you buy the season pass for Evolve, he is free or as of now he will be $15(kinda of steep I know). So I hope that all helps. I've played some of the game today and it seems like the matchmaking could be a whole hell of a lot better. But it is STILL a beta; I hope they get it figured out. My time with the game has been pretty descent so far. But I too am a little leery of this game. Playing as a hunter is pretty hard compared to the monster. And I just don't think the average person is going to put in the time to know what to do; rather than thinking they can just dick around and shoot stuff randomly. And the people who DO put in the time might make DOTA 2 players seem like understanding mothers compared to the tyraid they are going to have over mic if you do something stupid. But maybe I'm wrong. I am so far getting this game for PS4(Mainly because I have the most friends on PS4, so I figure statistically I'm better off). But I might cancel my pre-order if I don't see things improve on the matchmaking side. I might even just cancel my pre-order anyway and see what people say about the servers post launch. This is 2K, and I'm leery of their ability to run descent servers.

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I'm going to play in the beta, mostly because I have the game pre-ordered and I'm seriously worried that unless I want to play this game single player(which you can) or ONLY play it with friends that this game is going to be a disaster. I'm also wondering how big of a community this game will have. I absolutely LOVE watching this game but I have not yet had a chance to play. So here it goes...

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I think there have been some great games this year. But I think some of our disappointments have overshadowed them. I can't say this will go down as my favorite year for games. But it wasn't a disaster or anything. Besides 2015 in the first couple months looks to be showing signs of maybe being the best year we have had in a while. So atleast there is that...