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NA Server

Add me, haven't been playing that long only about 2 or 3 weeks. But really loving it.

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I would have chosen PC, but my PC probably can't even run the Witcher 2 on the highest settings let alone 3. So it's PS4 for me.

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I've always used Madcatz sticks and there is a new one coming out at the end of May for $200, but for MKX, I'm not sure it's worth buying a stick. Atleast from my perspective. However, since USF is coming out for PS4 soon, I guess it would be a good time to pick one up anyway. If you need one now, I would agree that either of the new Hori sticks would work. As for XBOX ONE, I would say that the only one I've seen and played with is the Madcatz Killer Instinct which is nice, but it's also $300. Don't know about any others.

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I pre-ordered the standard edition and got Goro. Seems like a wording error.

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My first impressions are that the game is awesome but the online is completely messed up.

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PSN: Devilsalias

Region: Midwest

Currently maining SubZero. I suck(atleast online)

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Looks interesting, but I will definitely need to see more. I'm wondering about the variety in the game. If the crowds are based on venues and there are only a small number of venues, I think it could get old very fast. Also, I'm wondering how responsive the guitar controller is. It's hard to tell in the videos.

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I have to agree with some of the commenters here. I will REALLY be scrutinizing the next game. I don't know that Bungie knows what the hell they are doing or really listening to anyone who might.

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Yeah, I never had any problems on either system. In fact, most of my media apps run a little more smoothly on XB1 than on PS4. So, there must be something else wrong.

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PSN: Devilsalias

Will probably be playing a ton, like every single freaking day. So go ahead and drop a tower challenge, game invite, whatever....