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All Treats no Tricks! 0

         The game is a pretty typical RPG style game that takes place on Halloween Night.  Yes, ladies and gents, this whole game takes place in one night.  You go from sleepy suburbs to a Mall to a even sleepier little farming town.  The game does a REALLY good job of transition from one area to the next while allowing you to go back and get any quests or items you might have missed the first time.  This game is all about collection.  Collecting candy, cards, costumes, quests etc..  If you do...

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It takes more than that! 0

          There are racing games that you can’t put down and then there are racing games that you want to put down right away.  Split Second lands somewhere in between the two.  If I weren’t writing a review for this game and a little bit of an achievement whore I would have stopped playing Split Second after the the first time I “accidentally” hit some little piece of geometry that is invisible when your going over hundred miles an hour down a straight.        Before I get down on Split Sec...

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Not a Headshot 0

            Medal of Honor is a name that has been in First Person Shooters for all most as long as there have been First Person Shooters.  People have been playing these war themed games for a long time.  In the good old days these games were based in the conflicts of World War 2.  Over time however, these games were surpassed in their quality and ability to represent these conflicts by Call of Duty.  Which is, ironic, considering the same people who created Medal of Honor went on to make it’...

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Why I shut Shank off and Deleted it! 0

    As much as I really liked Shank to begin with.  The longer I played the game the more I felt like this 5-7 level game was being needless extended for the myth of a game has to be "this long."  Rather than coming to a natural end.  I loved the graphically style, the voice acting, and the whole Tarintino-effect that the game was going for.       But this effect can only take you so far before things like character skins and gameplay begin to get in your way.  Basically, what we get is by 2/3 o...

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Crimson Skies+Snoopy= Very COOL! 0

XBLA box art (ver 2)  Snoopy lopped out to his dog house that morning, it was like any other.  But as he approached the little red structure he soon realized that something was amiss.  He heard the distant whirring of an biplane rotator.  He then knew that the Red Baron had returned and it was his duty to defeat him.            The above scene has been played out in different ways in many Peanuts cartoons.  The essence of this kind of daydream is played out to the fullest extent in the n...

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Not the Worst Super Hero game but certainly not the best. 0

      As good as Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions seems to be in the first few minutes.  The graphics are stylized and very well done.  The voice work is a little annoying but passable.  And the MANY bugs are off putting but not game breaking.  At least not most of the time.  The one particularly bad bug was the one in the Kraven level where because the tutorial message switch wasn't triggered properly the game just stalled and just kept spawning enemies for around 30 minutes.  I was afraid of lo...

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