The 50 NEO-GEO games that matter, that you should play (if you're into that kind of thing)...

Between the home system, MVS carts, and 'hacked' arcade releases there are roughly 180 Neo Geo games that saw the light of day. Though I feel anyone who ever went to an arcade, pizza place, bowling alley, or (really great) strip club in the 90's and beyond has some first-hand experience with the system... chances are folks haven't seen much more than MVS versions of King of Fighters, Metal Slug, Samurai Shodown and maybe Bust-a-Move. Those are certainly the AAA franchises that SNK had to offer, but there were tons of worthwhile IPs that warrant your time and quarters. You probably won't ever see the majority of them sans hundreds of dollars of purchases on eBay or wherever you get your junk.

I bought a Sega Genesis solely because I wanted to play Fatal Fury 2 at home as a kid and the Neo Geo home system was out of my family's price range.

"This is an arcade machine/game system I love and would not like video games if it didn't exist." -Me

But wait! That "spider sense"-like tingling in your tailbone means you were a 56k pirate like me back in the day and you already know most of these have been available through ROM decryption/emulation since the mid-90's... including releases up to the Playmore buyout and KoF engine switch around 2004. If you're pirate savvy you can pretty much play every game after an hour or so download and (I'd recommend) popping a Dual Shock 3/4, or any non-X360 controller, into your PC. With 181 games to choose from, which are worth skipping? Only about half, really, even the ugly, super difficult and old Neo Geo games are fun. Which ones? These ones! No more questions.

This is alphabetical because ordering 50 things is too much work too hard because I love them all! Also yeah, I skipped all the Soccer/Football games and several shooters that might be noteworthy. I generally don't care about any of 'em on this particular arcade system.

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