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So Roderick Strong might actually be in one of my favourite matches of the year, what the fuck is this. That Don't Sweat The Technique match with Zack Sabre Jr is fucking incredible.

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I just came to the realization that starting next week, there's only 10 more episodes of Lucha Underground before it goes away for however long. Now I've gone and bummed myself out again.

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@iceman228433: I had read the reddit dude who claimed he was in the know and it was so far fetched that I still didn't believe it'd happen. Dude's still got fairly regular indie dates (I'm literally watching him in Toronto in 2 weeks) and the amount of times WWE has hired someone with a non-exclusive contract is all but never.

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The NXT Unstoppable preshow is live RIGHT NOW. Come hang out in the usual spot and watch a really great show! And of course Lucha Underground will be right after.

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@papercut said:

So do they replace Hideo or do they just do Balor vs Breeze?

I know some people here skeptical of it happening but maybe MAYBE Samoa Joe replaces Hideo. That would be cool but hey I'm not holding by breath.

I think if they add anyone to the match it'll be Uhaa Nation (or whatever they decide to call him).

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Apparently indie promotions are getting together again tonight for another #RAWlternative show tonight starting in 20 mins. At least that means I'll have something to switch to when Raw gets real bad.

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Forum ate my post, good thing I copy/pasted in the event it'd happen:

Apparently nobody in WWE can do headbutts without killing themselves, might as well just leave it to Ishii and Honma.

Anyways, I know everyone else is going to be talking about Payback (it was a good show) but I had a super awesome experience that I figure I'd share with you guys (if you don't care about indies, feel free to skip this post). I decided to check out the local promotion here in Toronto called Smash Wrestling after a combination of hearing good buzz about it and seeing that they regularly use some independent people I love and my god was it a great choice.

The show tonight was a 10 person tournament for a #1 contender spot featuring such awesome people as Matt Cross (Lucha Underground's Son of Havoc), Rich Swann, Trevor Lee, and Candice LeRae. After the first round matches the main event was a 5 way elimination match and holy shit was it crazy. Trevor Lee was wrestling with one eye bandaged up since it apparently was hurt the night before, Matt Cross did a suicide dive and landed like 2 feet next to me, and Candice took the tournament which caused everyone in the room to go completely nuts.

There was also a three way for the title to break up the two halves with Chris Hero, Josh Alexander (who's been on a couple PWG shows recently), and champion Johnny Gargano showing infinitely more personality as a heel than I've ever seen out of him. After the match, Hero brought up the 93 minute match he had with CM Punk saying he just loves wrestling and that he was going to set up a Kickstarter or GoFundMe for ALS charity where he'd wrestle however long based on the donations in a gauntlet match that would continue win or lose until the set time was met.

So yeah, Smash is a pretty awesome company from what I can tell. If you're in Toronto and interested in independant wrestling, I wholeheartedly would recommend checking them out. The crowd was hot for most of the night and aside from one pretty big misstep, the matches were really awesome. As an extension, maybe try checking out local shows in your area that have some word of mouth if that's your thing, there's something to be said about the atmosphere of a small show with a hot crowd.

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Friendly reminder that ROH/NJPW's first Toronto show will be live tonight in about 12 hours from now at 7:30 PM EST. It's the only one of the 4 shows this week that's being aired and holy shit ACH and Nakamura have a match with each other so come check it out.

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Since it was brought up that we don't talk about Lucha Underground nearly as much as we probably should, some thoughts on this week's episode. SPOILERS be ahead so skip ahead if you haven't watched:

- If you were to tell me that of RoH's golden era of the early to mid 00's, Jack Evans would have outlasted Bryan Danielson, CM Punk, Takeshi Morishima, and Nigel McGuinness, I'd have called you a crazy person. Regardless, it's good to see him make his LU debut and the day he pulls out a Double Moonsault I'll both call him a complete idiot and simultaneously lose my mind. That is of course if he survived that Super Canadian Destroyer.

- I'm into the new storyline of the 7 Infinity StonesDragon Balls Aztec Medallions. LU is at it's best when it really leans into the over the top characters and mystical nonsense. Lucha Libre has always been more about superhero gods fighting instead of a sports competition and when they do stuff like this it pays tribute to that. Their introduction into the Temple is also great, Dario Cueto is this complete jerk who thrives on complete chaos and what better way to create chaos than to introduce SUPREME POWER.

- The match for the first of these Medallions was just completely insane. It was stacked with the best people on the show not currently holding titles and they all came out of it looking awesome. Not much else to say other than that match was great. Points to that pre-match segment with Mack asking Ryck for some cash and getting hit with some hard, cold, truth. I will never get over the fact that they got me into Ezekiel Jackson on this show.

- Speaking of awesome segments, this week saw the return of GHOST CATRINA and also the appearance of a god damn Skullomania trio. As well, Cueto forcing Shitty Love Triangle into a Ladder match for their titles is just pure evil.

- I think Hernandez sucks. Maybe I'm just getting worked into booing him, but I hate everything he does, especially that stupid pimp strut.

- That finish on the other hand, was completely amazing. That was the best "Tossed through a window" spot since the Rockers broke up, and it bears repeating, Dario Cueto is the greatest thing about this show. A man just got launched through his office window and his only reaction is to laugh and pour a drink.

Bravo, Lucha Underground. Bravo.