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god forbid Cena moves out of the way for Brock to have money matches with virtually the entire fucking roster.

You've made me realize John Cena is the Baby-Boomer who refuses to retire to let someone new get a job.

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I thought that was a totally enjoyable PPV with a REAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLY garbage finish wherein absolutely nothing was accomplished.

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Well I suppose it was a good thing they did that match on Raw and had it finished clean then huh?


@mageemagoo it's a pretty fun show but man that main event is definitely up there among my favourite matches this year.

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So after finally watching PWG Eleven last light all I can say is:

Holy shit Candice LeRae is a total badass

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If you ever wanted to see Jervis Cottonbelly on a morning news show wearing pink shorts, here you go

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A quick heads up for anyone who hasn't watched Raw this week, I present the best part of the show.


It's like a never-ending nightmare
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Thanks to Raw, my expectations of wrestling have been brought down from Takeover 2 back to a normal, disappointed state. So thanks for that WWE!

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So yeah, is it weird that basically NXT is better than anything the WWE as got going right now? I tried watching Raw but its doing nothing for me. The roster alone is so much more entertaining to, Enzo Amore is crazy and you got to love that, Sami Zayn is a blast to watch (especially that jump between the corners ropes), Tyson Kidd we know can produce it when he wants to and even Tyler Breeze is entertaining.

Not sure what it says for the WWE's current "big" shows, not a whole lot I suspect.

All it really says is that the people behind the scenes (creative, camera crew, even commentary) in NXT are just way better - or at least way less micromanaged by Vince and his group of old and out of touch friends - than the main WWE shows.

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Just to clarify; NXT is, in fact, part of the same company that Raw despite all signs of quality saying otherwise. Man that PPV was just so good.

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Your friendly neighborhood reminder that NXT Takeover 2 (aka likely the best thing WWE will do for a few months) starts in 30 minutes with the Pre Show starting now.