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So pretty much all I took away from tonight between NXT and TNA is that TNA is apparently the only promotion on the planet Low Ki hasn't burned bridges with.

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Not very much outside of the games they're in. I LOVE the soundtracks in stuff like Hotline Miami or Binding of Isaac, but I find that when I'm listening to music while on the bus or whatever, I don't find instrumental tracks nearly as engaging as stuff with vocal tracks like some of the Bastion and Transistor tracks.

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Completely and totally random as far as I can tell. It doesn't matter if you went 6000-0-0 or if you were the most toxic player who was reported by all 9 players it's all up to the luck of the roll.

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@tunaburn said:

still not as bad as the league of legends players.

I've played both for years at this point and they're both equally as toxic.

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A friendly reminder

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Man, it sucks that he's gone but damn if he doesn't seem happier in that interview than he has in years.

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New thread title - GET THE HELL OUT OF MY POOL.

My Friend Mark

One Cenation, Under John

Is that a Hybrid?

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That's Crispy and Pascual there too, I had the stream open in another tab until I heard some familiar voices being interviewed.

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