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@papercut: Time to get Krazy™

  • Cesaro finally swings El Torito and launches him to the outside on everyone during the "EVERYONE DO TOPES" spot
  • #GiveDivasAChance continues to be depressingly laughable when their match goes shorter than the musical performance and ends in a rollup caused by TENSION AMONG THE FRENEMIES *barf*.
  • Realizing other people have predicted the Sting/HHH swordfight, I'm predicting there will be no less than THREE ref bumps in this match.

EDIT: I'm pretty sure this Dan/Woods Mario Kart feud is way more entertaining than anything on the actual WM show.

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@recspec: I think the crowd was fine aside from maybe a couple of small moments, like one dude 'what' chanting Johnny Ace and, although hilarious, people booing Reigns was pretty silly too.

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This continues my theory that if I verbalize a prediction in chat, say "Adrian Neville will be the NXT guy in the Battle Royale", something completely different will happen. Even something as out of left field as Itami being the guy in the BR. I'm the Anti-Krazy™-Wizard.

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So some incredibly exciting news regarding Lucha Underground is coming from Wrestling Observer (supposedly)

They are apparently currently planning for LU to have it's own "Wrestlemania", working title "Ultimo Lucha". The rumor is that it'd be a 2-3 hour live event for the season finale, which would fall around August.

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@dizzyhippos: It's probably safe money that Charlotte will be on the main roster in the very near future.

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So this is off-topic from all this Lesnar news but I've been going back and watching through Lucha Underground to get my dad into it. We just finished Aztec Warfare and a couple thoughts looking back at the first half of the show:

  • Son of Havoc is kind of an amazing high flyer, all of his acrobatics are smooth as hell and his SSP is one of the best I've seen.
  • Look, I know Sexy Star is great for the "everyone is equal" message, but man, she doesn't actually do much. She rarely gets any offense in and when she does it's the same 2 headscissors, an armdrag and a couple of stomps. It's hard to sell the message of "this woman can hang with the men" when she never gets any substantial offense in and just kind of gets the shit beat out of her. It doesn't help that her finisher seems to either be non-existant or a Victory Roll.
  • I'm pretty sure Prince Puma has won 3 matches throughout the entirety of LU, dude never wins. It speaks a lot to the strength of the booking that he still looks like a strong threat despite taking more losses than a modern WWE IC champ.
  • Obviously we all knew this already but it bears mentioning given this Wrestlemania build we've gotten this year, this show just gets how to write wrestling stories. They understand the "and then" principle of storytelling and everything feels like it was well thought out and it all generally flows into each other really well.

It's certainly not without it's flaws, but I'm pretty confident in saying Lucha Underground is the best running wrestling show right now.

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@recspec: That tweet is indecipherable

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@papercut said:

What are the chances Sting actually wrestles in that T-shirt?

Like 99.9%

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@overnow: Will you accept "This company has no idea what it's doing" as an explanation?

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WWE decided to replace "Reverse Momentum" with a revolutionary new concept: "No Momentum"